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skog on 02 Dec 2018

Long, shot, but does anybody on here know what's wrong with c-and-do/hill and hike?




I bought a Paramo endura jacket from the hill and hike website over a week ago on Friday 23rd Nov, and the £335 was taken from my credit card.

I didn't get a confirmation email, so sent them an email on Monday asking about it and got no reply.

I tried phoning them, and just got the answering machine.

All week I could only get the answering machine; despite leaving two messages and sending another email I had no response.

I tried tweeting them on Friday 30th November, and again yesterday, seeing that they had tweeted advertising their hill and hike shop on Thursday 29th; again, no response.



I'd have to take time off work to visit their shop, as it's open during weekday working hours, and at the weekend only "by appointment", which is clearly a non-starter.

It's a bit vexing, as as well as being a lot of money I bought from them partly to support a local business - their price was good, but not the cheapest I could find.

Anyway, I don't know whether they've gone under, whether their entire staff is off sick but still able to tweet until Thursday, yet becoming unable to tweet since then, or whether something else is wrong. I've never had to use credit card section 75 claimback before, but I don't see that I have any choice if I haven't heard from them by tomorrow night.

Luke90 on 02 Dec 2018
In reply to skog:

As a small contribution to the mystery, it might help to know that tweets like that are often set up to be posted in advance. A planned schedule of marketing tweets might have been programmed in weeks ago. So there's not necessarily some member of staff logging in to Twitter to do more marketing while ignoring your attempts to get in touch.

Climbing Pieman on 02 Dec 2018
In reply to skog:

Sorry, deleted my posting as it was incorrect applying to an old website.

If you bought recently from them might be best to contact your credit card company for advice.


skog on 02 Dec 2018
In reply to Luke90:

That's probably what happened.

In the last few minutes I have received a reply to my first email to them, saying all is fine with my order and it will be dispatched tomorrow, and that their shop has been shut all week - which is a relief.

I've suggested they might want to put such information on their answerphone and website!

skog on 06 Dec 2018
In reply to skog:

Just for any future readers - my jacket arrived fine and well on Tuesday.

They even threw in a free beanie, which I don't really need but am sure I'll find a use for!

skog on 12 Dec 2018
In reply to skog:

I've just had really good service from c-n-do, so thought I'd better say so!

It appears that my size has ... changed ... since I last ordered Paramo. And their new designs are a little more form-fitting (which may no longer be a good thing for me).

So my jacket didn't really fit, no matter what I wanted to believe. And it was the last they had of the old model, so a straight exchange wasn't an option.

They quickly ordered in one of the new model in a larger size so that I could try it, and advised me of Paramo's recycling scheme for old garments which let me save £50 on the new one by trading in my knackered old smock.

I now have one of the newer model of the Endura jacket for just a little more on top of what I paid for the older one, and as a bonus got to recycle my old smock rather than having to dump it.


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