PRODUCT NEWS: History of EDELRID and some key products

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 UKC Gear 12 Aug 2020
Edelrid Key Products

EDELRID started out manufacturing braids and cords and in 1880 presented their first braided fishing lines in Berlin. The biggest innovation came in 1953 when EDELRID introduced the world's first kernmantel rope.

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In reply to UKC Gear:

Big fan of the Ace, it’s nice to be able to get the leg loops and waist belt in different sizes! (Although the standard UK caveat of no shops stock those options)

In reply to echo34:

The Ace also did well within our Lightweight Sport Harness Group Test, which we published last year:

When it comes to stockists, I'm sure that they're trying their hardest to get more on board

In reply to UKC Gear:

The biggest-ever advance in climbing safety was the invention of nylon ropes in the late 1930s and their adoption by climbers immediately after WW2. Ordinary hawser-laid nylon rope was dynamic and withstood endless numbers of falls. I've taken and held many of them. Edelrid invented kernmantel ropes, which were simply nylon ropes with a different construction. Yes, they're nicer to use and their properties can be tweaked by varying the construction, but it's a bit rich for them to imply, as the article seems to, that they're solely responsible for the great change which had already taken place.  

In reply to Rob Greenwood - UKClimbing:

Loads of stockists, very few in the UK holds all the size options, the variant sizing being one of the very good features of the ace.

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