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jakelevi1996 09 Feb 2020

I have a Camp Flint climbing harness, which I've had for several years. In the middle of the belay loop, there is a black, oval-shaped piece of fabric (it's kind of hard to describe but you can see a picture of it here https://photos.app.goo.gl/TPPhYJQgGscH8Htw5 ). This black piece of fabric is not shown in retail images of the harness (EG here https://www.ukclimbing.com/gear/climbing/harnesses/camp_flint_harness-4486 ) My question is: is my climbing harness still safe to use, or is this black piece of fabric some sort of safety feature, which only becomes visible when they belay loop is no longer safe? All of the load-bearing stitches are in good condition, and are not frayed. (I tried emailing Camp about this issue but they ignored me ;_; )

Alex Riley 09 Feb 2020
In reply to jakelevi1996:

It is a bit odd. Apart from that bit of textile it looks like the harness has a decent amount of life left in it.  

I’d say it’s definitely worth trying again to get the manufacturers opinion, 2pure are the uk distributor so you could try contacting them? 


Tel: (+44) 0131 449 4147

General Information: info@2pure.co.uk

Sales Enquiries: trade@2pure.co.uk

Warranty & Repairs: warranty@2pure.co.uk


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Wil Treasure 09 Feb 2020
In reply to jakelevi1996:

It looks to me like that's just a wear protector for their "No twist" belay loop. I.e. You should be able to clip an HMS through the section between the stitching, pretty snug so it holds in place. Still worth asking that it's a normal part of the harness though.

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SteveSBlake 09 Feb 2020
In reply to Wil Treasure:

I have one, I agree it’s to grip a crab slotted through the ‘no twist’ belay loop.

bouldery bits 09 Feb 2020
In reply to jakelevi1996:

It is, ofcourse, your choice.

I think, if you have to ask, you know the answer. 

andyb211 10 Feb 2020
In reply to jakelevi1996:


6mm EVA foam padding.

Auto locking buckles on waist and leg loops.

4 reinforced gear loops.

'No Twist' belay loop – holds the belay biner securely in place to eliminate the potential for dangerous cross loading.

Rear haul loop.

Chalk bag attachment loop.

3 sizes – Small, Medium, Large (65cm – 97cm).

Weight – 498g"

4th feature down, you don't know Saul do you??? 


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