/ JetBoil replacement gauze / mesh, any ideas?

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Stuart Wildman - on 19 Jul 2014

I've one of the old style JetBoils and the wire mesh / gauze has dropped out, which means the gas keeps going out.

You can see it in these two photos (the one on the right)

I could wait and buy a replacement part (they don't seem to be in stock that often as it has been replaced), but wondering if anyone has any suggestions for just replacing the wire mesh / gauze?

Tony & Sarah - on 19 Jul 2014
In reply to Stuart Wildman:
Hitch & Hike have them in stock. We are on our 6th!

Stuart Wildman - on 20 Jul 2014
In reply to Tony & Sarah:
I'll have to give them a ring, when I go to the site (link in my post), it says "AWAITING STOCK"

Though it does seem a shame I can't just get the actual metal/gauze and DIY it as that's the only bit that's missing.

If you could look at yours, what do you think it is made of?

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Tony & Sarah - on 20 Jul 2014
In reply to Stuart Wildman:

Hi Stuart, I don't know what it is made from, had a chat with the Jetboil people, the manufacturer not the distributer, there is a known problem with the original burner, I believe it overheats brought a replacement from Hitch & Hike , they had a box full of them, I think they are a £11. I am not sure if you can change the burner head & if you did the efficiency of the unit would decrease. I actually made a replacement burner head out of a tuna fish tin lid, it sort of worked but nowhere near as well. We were on an expedition at the time. It is a pity about this problem because overall it is the best hanging stove system I have used.

david100 - on 20 Jul 2014
In reply to Stuart Wildman:

Different jet boil problem. My igniter does not produce a spark now. I can use matches but is there any way to replace it or fix it.
Stuart Wildman - on 22 Jul 2014
In reply to david100:

Thanks Tony, I'll call them today.

David, yes you can get replacement ones.
If you are using the old style, there are Youtube videos and pdf's

The parts are pretty cheap

If it's the new style, I think you can get them, a bit of googling will find it.

If you are a geek you could try and DIY it.
It is basically the igniter from a cigarette lighter. We used to take them apart as kids to zap each other

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