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martinph78 on 14 Feb 2013
Hi all,

I have a voucher for KEEN footwear and would like some advice from those who wear them.

Firstly, are they any good (longevity wise and waterproofing)? I thought they only made sandles to be honest. I don't want sandles!

Secondly, I'm not sure what to go for. I need some hiking boots to replace my Meindls, but quite fancy an approach type shoe as I enjoyed last summer wearing trainers (LOADS lighter and faster and more breathable) for some easy scrambling and day walks so was thinking about an approach shoe for more of this type of use. I've always gone by the "ankle support/weatherproof" mantra of old, but actually find I roll my ankles MORE with boots than with trainers!

I'd still need a hiking boot though for some seasons/carrying loads. If their approach shoes are great but their hiking boots are rubbish, that'll make it easy.

Thirdly, size wise, I'm a UK8 with a broad foot. How do they come up on size? I'll try and find a stockist to try them but the order has to be direct with KEEN.

Just after some recommendations before my voucher expires.

Mike7 on 14 Feb 2013
In reply to Martin1978:

I own a pair of Targhee II Mids.

They are more comfortable straight from the box than any other shoe I've ever owned, save a fully broken in pair of real leather boots.

I wear them true to normal size. I have relatively high arches and a slight pronation, with overall medium width feet (I suppose?!)

They are reliable in anything other than heavy rain - and even then put up a good fight.

There is however, one major caveat:

On one particular type of rock, when wet, the sole offers zero - (and I do mean ZERO!) grip. You quite literally go from walking along in an entirely stable fashion, to ice skating.

Quite frankly it's thoroughly dangerous and I cannot undertsand why they have not resolved the flaw.

Other than this (major?) issue they're great, so I imagine it depends upon what you intend to use them for. The lack of grip has meant that I am uncomortable enough not to use them when I do not know the precise nature of what will be underfoot.
Stuart the postie - on 14 Feb 2013
In reply to Martin1978:

I have a pair of Keen Shoes, wear them for everyday shoes, soles now starting to wear through now (after about 4 years wear)!!

I would get another pair, if only they were more widely available in the UK, at discounted prices.

Size wise, yep order your normal shoe size.

martinph78 on 14 Feb 2013
In reply to Martin1978: Thanks for the info, all helps.

If there are problems with waterproofing I'd rather not bother with a replacement for my Meindls. That's definiately guiding me down the route of a lightweight shoe for quick and light days in the hills.

Worrying to hear about the grip as well.

In fairness I rarely go backpacking anymore, it is usually day hikes and scrambles, or hauling gear to crags etc.

There are hardly any reviews out there that I can find though.

martinph78 on 14 Feb 2013
In reply to Martin1978: Might just go for a pair that'll look good down the pub

sarahjk - on 14 Feb 2013
In reply to Martin1978:

I have several pairs of Keens, water shoes and some clog type house shoes and I love love love them. The most comfortable and hard wearing shoe. Would love to try their outdoor shoes when my current boots need replacing.

If you dont want to buy some I would take the voucher from you
martinph78 on 14 Feb 2013
In reply to Martin1978: Looks like I'll be getting the clearwater cnx sandles after all.

Just finished going through the system and these are what I can get for free. My mistake, I thought that I could choose from the selection it gave me when I registered the voucher. For some reason but since logging back in to the site it has registered the voucher and a pair of these sandles.

Guess I'll be wearing sandles after all lol.

Cheers all.
martinph78 on 14 Feb 2013
In reply to sarahkeast: Think it can only be used by me (and on sandles as I have now found). Might have had a deal otherwise.

Cheers, Martin

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