/ La Sportiva warranty - any experiences?

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GarethSL on 06 Sep 2018

Does anyone have any experience with La Sportiva's returns/ warranty?

I just noticed that the inside of one of my G2's is completely abraded and worn through to the padding. I personally feel this is a manufacturing issue as the bootie appears to have been given an excessive amount of the grippy stuff which has eaten through the lining in the back of the cuff when they've being taken in and out. Something you need to do in order to get the boot on and off. 

The other boot looks essentially brand new, and so it should given that they've had less than half a seasons use. So despite them being the absolute best winter boots I've used, I'm really rather disappointed that they've suffered so much damage with so little use.

The boots were bought at Au Veiux Camper in Sallanches, so taking them back to the shop isn't really an option. As a result I've contacted Sportiva directly and also the distributor here in Norway, so I'm just wondering if anyone has had any success with La Sportiva's warranty when dealing with them or their distributor? Or should I not get my hopes up?

Roberttaylor - on 07 Sep 2018
In reply to GarethSL:

I didn't have much success with La Sportiva, having had similar problems to you with my Baturas (worn through uppers, hole appearing in the rand).


Good luck though; if contacting LS directly doesn't work it might be worth sending them to Au Vieux Campeur (who have a really good rep).

Tricadam on 08 Sep 2018
In reply to GarethSL:

If LS don't come up with the goods, posting about it on their Facebook page may serve as a gentle nudge.

Ron Rees Davies - on 08 Sep 2018
In reply to GarethSL:

I had a problem with the lace system attachment in my g5's. Sent them back to Rock and Run who sent them to LS. Took a couple of weeks but brand new pair as replacement. 

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