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fimm on 04 Jul 2018

Please give me some recommendations for a lightweight sleeping bag, to be used in summer in Scotland. Any price point (I don't have an infinite budget but I am trying to work out where the balance of price-weight-size lies for me). Small pack size is important.

I already have a basic Alpkit (Pipedream? I think) down bag so I'm after something smaller and lighter than that. Summer in Scotland so no requirement for it to be very warm and also I suspect I'll probably be a bit of a fair-weather user anyway.

Thank you

LastBoyScout on 04 Jul 2018
In reply to fimm:

I've got a Mountain Equipment Helium 250 as my very lightweight bag - very nice.

Picked it up on eBay, used once - worth looking there for bargains.

In reply to fimm:

I'm currently reviewing the Rab Mythic 200 (we're aiming to publish that in the next couple of weeks)

If you can stretch the budget it's a fantastic bag for warmth/weight/compactness...

Rab say it's "for use in warmer conditions where weight and packsize are crucial to success, such as long multi day routes or summer trekking"

I tend to sleep pretty warm, and for me Rab's figures for the Mythic 200 are pretty much bang on: comfort 6C, absolute lower comfort limit 1C. 

teh_mark on 04 Jul 2018
In reply to fimm:

I have a Nunatak Arc Lite quilt that I'm a big fan of. It appears to have been superceded, I can't see anything at the same price point on their website anymore (it was the cheap, no frills version of their more expensive quilt but with the same temperature rating) and it'd probably be warmer than you need, but one of their lighter quilts might suit you well.

I've used it everywhere from the Peak in all seasons to summer alpine bivis (without an additional insulation layer) and am extremely happy with it.

pyrrho101 - on 04 Jul 2018
Stuart en Écosse - on 04 Jul 2018
In reply to fimm:

I've got a Helium 250 and S has a Helium 350. Both of them are fantastic, very light and warm enough for UK summer use (and I am a very cold sleeper). It helps that we both have Exped UL synmats (those yellow li-lo things you have probably seen us with) which add a lot of insulation.

I think mine was from eBay, if so it was like new.

TobyA on 04 Jul 2018
In reply to fimm:

I thought a lot about price when I was reviewing this wonderful Lightwave bag two years ago

If you can justify the price, a top quality bag light that is delightful - just how small and light they pack. But I'm now using the Lightwave more than any other bag, something that will keep you warm to +1 or so will actually work for a big chunk of the year in the UK. I think even when in autumn or spring its getting to a light frost, the conditions are normally friendly - little wind and no rain. And when it is grey and rainy the temperatures will be well inside the comfort level of bag that goes down to freezing!

I last used the lightwave bag a week ago when I decided to bivvy out on the moors on midsummer night before riding my mountain bike directly to work the next day - it got rather wet with dew, but as I was only out for one night didn't really matter.

Guy Hurst - on 04 Jul 2018
In reply to fimm:

A PHD Minimus bag would be ideal; light, beautifully made and produced in the UK. You can also have PHD bags altered in various ways, or made to your exact spec if you want, and can afford it.

ben b - on 04 Jul 2018
In reply to fimm:

I have a PhD Minimus initially bought for mountain marathon use, but it turns out I use it more than any other bag. For MMs I can do bag and Mat for sub 500g; when backpacking in summer with a more normal mat than bubble wrap or balloon bed ( an S2S Summit something) it isn’t much more. 


Phd sales come round quite frequently- very light, warm, and sale price very competitive. 


OwenM - on 04 Jul 2018
In reply to fimm:

A bit cheaper than some of the bags recommended here is Rabs ascent 300. About 800g, good down to a little under freezing and it's quite a wide fitting bag. I find a lot of really light bags are very tulip shaped to save weight, fine if you're a real been pole. Unbelievably restricted to everyone else. The ascent is around £200.

wbo - on 04 Jul 2018
In reply to fimm: I have an ME Xero 200 which I really can't fault if packed size is your priority, and it's warmer than you'd expect


fimm on 06 Jul 2018
In reply to fimm:

Thanks everyone.


HeMa on 06 Jul 2018
In reply to fimm:

Quilt. Cumulus sell cheap ones, or bargain bins (like I found my Thermarest one). As you carry almost half the amount of insulation and fabric, they pack uber small and obviously light to boost. Sure, you’ll need a good mattress, but I need one in any case. 

Trangia on 06 Jul 2018
In reply to ben b:

Plus 1 for PHD. They aren't cheap, but if you look after them they will last a lifetime, and they are so compact and light, yet still warm that they are an excellent investment.

ben b - on 07 Jul 2018
In reply to Trangia:

Also a one day 20% off sale this coming Wednesday it seems


Stefan Jacobsen - on 07 Jul 2018
In reply to fimm:

My ME Xero 250 has served me well for years. Good for temps down to freezing with a good mat.

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