Lightweight tarp for bivvi

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 LastBoyScout 27 Sep 2021

Planning on a bivvy trip this weekend, but weather not looking too good, so thinking about a tarp to keep the rain off.

Any recommendations for something lightweight and about 1.5m x 2m ish that won't break the bank?

Looking at the Alpkit ones at the moment, Rab also been mentioned.


 leon 1 27 Sep 2021
In reply to LastBoyScout: At £35, big, well constructed and weighing 800grms. I really like mine

 maxsmith 27 Sep 2021
In reply to LastBoyScout:

I personally prefer tarps with a cat-cut ridge (these can only be pitched a-frame) rather than the square or rectangular tarps, which you'll end up pitching a-frame anyway.   But you'll spend a lot more on a cat-cut (I think Rab sell these) so if you are just getting into tarping I would advise saving yourself some $ and choosing a flat tarp.  For flat tarps it's really a simple choice between weight and durability: the Alpkit ones are very lightweight but obviously less durable, the Decathlon one above is the opposite.  What you choose will depend on the purpose you need it for.

In reply to LastBoyScout:

Which Alpkit are you looking at? Rig 3.5?

Backpackinglight are doing the this: 

I've got the Superlight version which is what I spend about 20 nights of the year under. The one in the link is about 200g heavier so presumably a bit sturdier (not that I've had any issues with the SS even in some brutal weather. 


 jimtitt 27 Sep 2021
In reply to LastBoyScout:

A bit small if you asked me ( in fact far too small). I use a 3m x3m  SilNyl one weighing 485g.

 magma 27 Sep 2021
In reply to jimtitt:

agreed- 3x3m is much more versatile/comfortable without much weight penalty. dd do a superlight at 460g, but i ended up getting the standard pro version - nearly double the weight but presumably more durable? ('ripstop nylon' vs 190T polyester). the decathlon 3x3 above looks good value? ('75D polyester')

 jimtitt 27 Sep 2021
In reply to magma:

1.5 x 2m would only keep you dry in vertically falling rain if that. 3 x 2.5 would probably do in the right circunstances but 3 x3 seems to be optimal. The usual compromise between weight and cost I for good nylon and polyester I guess, I won mine as a prize!

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