REVIEW: Lowe Alpine Halcyon 35-40 Pack

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 UKC/UKH Gear 12 Feb 2021
Halcyon montage

Whether you're winter or alpine climbing, hillwalking or out on a minimalist backpacking trip, the Halcyon is a tough and well-designed all-rounderĀ at a price it's hard to argue with, says Toby Archer. But it'd be good if they could improve the axe attachment...

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In reply to UKC/UKH Gear:

With reference to the ice axe attachments, the first thing that I do when I get a new sac is cut these off, I never use them, haven't done for years. My axes go behind the compression straps, which gives much easier access. Never had any problems with retaining the axes on long walk ins.

In reply to UKC/UKH Gear:

To qualify my above comment, I love Lowe Alpine sacs. I have one of the original 45/50 litre ones (can't remember the name) which is the most comfortable sac I have ever used. Yes, it's heavy, but you have to compromise somewhere.

 Basemetal 14 Feb 2021
In reply to phizz4:

I have to confess to being a bit of a Lowe Alpine fan, but not of the "headlocker" axe shaft strap system. It has often been pointed out that combining the tool attachment with the side compression side straps is a nuisance if you carry skies (or anything else in the side straps) and end up loosening both when you access an axe .

I sold on a last model Alpine Attack when I got fed up with the strappy faffiness and went back to an old Crag Attack II (the post ripstop upgrade one). That has been the sack I keep going back to for comfort and useability. Despite being marketed as an entry level sack, it still comes closest to my ideal of what an all round (and scottish Winter) sack should be, and came in at 800g for 42 litres.

Long discontinued, but for info...

 Graham 15 Feb 2021
In reply to Basemetal:

I love my latest (a few years old now) Alpine Ascent 40:50 - the daisy chains let me attach my own bungee to secure my tool shafts as I hate having things under my compression straps. 

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