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thebeardsman - on 05 Sep 2018

Having looked at several reviews to base my decision on getting a new helmet to be both durable and all round impact protective, I finally decided on the Mammut Wall Rider helmet  

The wall rider also scored number 1 on a few sites and certainly very very high on most others. 

So as per reviews from companies and bloggers etc on the net, this is one of the best newest tech helmets out there and I think, only came out this year.  

SO...... why is it no longer available is lots of shops, cotswold, trekkin, joe brown etc? You can still buy it from some other shops however.

I even found it discounted by 50% (down to £37) on trekkin website (but now out of stock). 

So my big question is.... if it’s one of the best, then why arnt all these very well know shops stocking it any more? Surly you would want to have it in stock?

Am I missing something??

look forward to your replies. 

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Luke90 on 05 Sep 2018
In reply to thebeardsman:

It's not at all uncommon for a product to be both very good and very hard to get hold of (or, indeed, available everywhere and pretty rubbish). Could be for any number of reasons.

AlanLittle - on 05 Sep 2018
In reply to thebeardsman:

Best climbing helmet I've ever had for sure.

I recall reading recently that Mammut have a new version out with some kind of fancy shock absorbing tech. I got the impression they were going to continue making the "ordinary" version, but maybe they're not & have shut down the production line while they change over to the fancy version?

ElBarto - on 06 Sep 2018
In reply to AlanLittle:

What made this helmet so much better than any other? I have been vaguely looking at getting a new lighter weight helmet but thought the only real difference was just the weight?

AlanLittle - on 06 Sep 2018
In reply to ElBarto:

It's individual obviously. Happens to fit me perfectly.

I also like the adjustment system: light, easy enough to adjust but I find it stays adjusted better than wheel-type systems. And I find the partial hardshell more reassuring than the pure foam type of helmet.

ElBarto - on 06 Sep 2018
In reply to AlanLittle:

Thanks for that, think I'll check it out. Heading to some of the outdoor shops in London in a week or so time so will see if I can find it there to try.

86inch - on 06 Sep 2018
In reply to thebeardsman:

Have to say i wasn't convinced by my Wall Rider. Great helmet to use, very nice and light but durability isn't great. One cracked near a front strap connector (replaced under warranty) and the next one split into several pieces when i got avalanched - OK fair dues it saved my head from a huge ice block probably but they definitely need to be treated with kid gloves compared to regular helmets.

I've accepted the small weight penalty and gone back to a shell/polystyrene helmet.

thebeardsman - on 06 Sep 2018
In reply to 86inch:

So, I've done a little more digging, and...... the reason why the current model of the Mammut wall rider has started to dwindle stock wise is because, (as the other poster AlanLittle quite rightly said) is that they are bringing out a new model of the Wall Rider with this new MIPS technology. They said it should be in the shops now but due to manufacturing issues it won't be out for another couple of months.

So i'll think ill hold my horses until the new model comes out  

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