/ Mammut/Raichle All Degree Lite Boot - Crampon Compatibility

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garethb - on 05 Oct 2012
Im keen to get out and do more winter stuff this year (if we have a proper one!) and Im looking to get some crampons to fit my boots..

They are described as being B1 compatible, and also have a lug on the rubber of the heel that looks like it 'may' take a step in crampon of some sort..
I know any standard C1 strap on crampon should fit this boot, but my question is has anyone out there who owns a pair and has tried using a step in crampon on this boot? and is a C1 to C2- crampon (been reading Andy Kirkpatricks advice on ratings) available which can be used as both step in and strap on in case I decide to change my boots? any advice on the best model/type to get for winter mountaineering/easy winter climbing would be much appreciated.


iksander on 05 Oct 2012
In reply to garethb: Hi, I have these boots, and yes they'll take a seni-automatic crampon with a heel lever. While it's pretty easy to remove a heel lever unit from a pair of semi-auto crampons, I think all crampons with a plastic bale at the back are riveted. You could probably bodge something though, but most B2 boots have some sort of heel lip so probably a non-issue.
gear boy on 05 Oct 2012
In reply to garethb: just because the sole unit has a lug for crampons does not mean to say that the boot is suitable, Raichle made a B1, 2 and 3 model of this boot all with the same sole unit

you could get away with a heel clip, but I would not reccommend front pointing in them,

if you change your boots to a stiffer one options are new crampons, change just heel piece, or buy a C2 full strap to start off with, like grivel G12 new classic as an example, just use flex extension bars when using on a B1 boot

does that answer?

garethb - on 05 Oct 2012
In reply to iksander:

Thanks iksander - so I take it your model is the All Degree Lite B1 rated? what crampons do you use with them and what size shoes are they? I ask that as I guess with the bigger shoes there will be more flex..

Gear boy - yes thanks it helps! any recommendations of model taking into account these are the B1 rated version? Im a size 10.5 uk btw...
gear boy on 05 Oct 2012
In reply to garethb: ~If you are asking model of boot, no, go to shop/s try boots on, get assistance from good assistant, buy boots that fit, there is no such thing as a size 10.5 boot, but there is a 10.5 foot, but thats only 1 dimension, of a 3 dimensional object! and generally, a 10.5 boot does not fit a 10.5 foot.

i am not even going to say stick with X brand as all models vary on shape

sorry for getting pedantic, its getting late!

depending on what you are doing/planning on doing would depend on what you look for in a new boot, you have B1, so generally I would say go straight to B3 if you are wanting to climb, i would then say get crampon for that purpose, then bodge(fit flex bars etc.) to use crampon on B1 in limited winter walks scenario, if you only ever aspire to easy gullys, alpine classics and long mountain days etc. then get a comfy B2 to use for all of that and then use current boots as summer scrambling ones and never use in winter, then you have crampon and boot for job.

sorry if thats made you confused

p.s. genarally all degree lite was a B1, or B0.5 depending on age, if you have boots on can you happily stand on skirting boards? or with all weight on one foot, up on toes, how much does it bend?
iksander on 06 Oct 2012
In reply to garethb: My All Degree Lite GTSs are 44.5. Raichle did not use the B1/B2 etc rating. Mine are stiff enough for a B2 crampon (they are stiffer than my old Scarpa Mantas of the same size) I use some ancient CAMP 10 point crampons with them. These are the boots I have Personally I'm be to use them for occasional crampon use, if I'm going to be wearing crampons all day I wear B3s, not least because the All Degree Lite GTX isn't very warm either.

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