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Scree Pant #1, 5 kbGeorgie Smith reviews lightweight and versatile soft shell trousers designed for everything from spring ski tours to summer alpine climbs.

TobyA on 21 Jun 2012
In reply to UKC Gear: "and I found the Scree Pants stretched to fit over the top of my skiing boots fine"

I would keep an eye on that. The Scree pants that I got to review for UKC ( ) got lent to a mate when he came over for a week of ski touring and ice climbing in Lyngen. Pulling them down over the top of his ski touring boots worked well at first (in that photo Ed has some simple ski gaiters over them, but through the week the cuff or tongue of his boot wore through the material causing a large tear to form about halfway around the trouser leg at ankle height. Over ice climbing or hiking boots this won't be a problem but we decided the Scree pant wasn't cut to go over ski boots. On the same trip I used some Westcomb softshell troos, that at first I had felt were too baggy around the ankle ( ) but when I wore them over my ski boots, the cut made sense - and they worked perfectly for that.
Carolyn - on 21 Jun 2012
In reply to TobyA:
Certainly the older pair I have aren't really cut for ski boots. However, I think I've probably had them 4 years, worn them for a whole heap of stuff, and they're only now beginning to show significant signs of wear. So not bad going....
georgiegirl on 25 Jun 2012 -
In reply to TobyA: I just dug out my ski boots from there summer resting place under the bed and have been walking around my flat in them and the Scree pants! Its not super tight over the boots but I'll keep an eye on them in case they do wear. Guess i could always line that section of the trousers with gaffer tape!! thanks for the heads up!

I guess I can look forward to skiing again as its after the longest day!
TobyA on 25 Jun 2012
In reply to georgiegirl: of course it could have just been something about the design of his boots as well..., sharp edges or something. Yep ice climbing getting closer now rather than further away!

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