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 UKC Gear 21 Nov 2017
Jerry Moffatt's latest book Mastermind uses his own experience, that of professional climbers and the teachings of sports academics to create a lession in sports, or more accurately climbing, psychology. All of this is wrapped up in a beauitfully designed bundle to give a book which is not only...

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 Doug 21 Nov 2017
In reply to UKC Gear:

"to create a lession in sports,"
Maybe some editing required ?
In reply to UKC Gear:
If I don't want to write my own stuff in the self-writing bits can I get a discount on the book?
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 BrendanO 21 Nov 2017
In reply to Bulls Crack:

Or sell your second-hand copy for MORE than £30?
 JayPee630 21 Nov 2017
In reply to Doug:

"What you think largerly determines what you will ultimately become" - Bruce Lee

Becks or Stella?
In reply to BrendanO:

'Ambitiously' priced. One would have to be a devout follower of the ancient Chinese retail art of Sho Peeng to attain a copy.
In reply to UKC Gear:

There are already quite a few books on the market addressing this, many of which are excellent but dull. Jerry and the Kafe Kraft team have managed to strike a balance with being informative and entertaining. The design values of the book are outstanding.
Is it worth 30 quid? Probably, it’s a nicely put together book, and I think it’s got real potential as part of a programme, so if I get a couple of grades out of applying some of it, then I would be prepared to pay a lot more. The cumulative climbing wall costs alone for grade improvement are orders of magnitude more expensive than this book.
In reply to Bulls Crack:

... perhaps, had UK Inc not lost its collective mind on the 23rd June last year, the 'ambitious' price tag you mention might not be quite so 'ambitious'...
 PanzerHanzler 22 Nov 2017
In reply to UKC Gear:
Read it and have seen improvements already. Very positive book and very readable. Has changed my focus and given me some extra drive and new habits to incorporate. It's one I'll be re-reading more than once.
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 wrath 22 Nov 2017
In reply to UKC Gear:

This is possibly the worst book I have ever read. Absolute waste of £30+.
It is devoid of substance, never actually get to the point and to top it off they didn't even have the decency to proofread it.
In reply to UKC Gear:

Although I didn't dislike the book. I'm surprised at the sheer raving in reviews about it which mention no negatives.

The book was Jerry Moffats interpretation of sports psychology that's already widely out there, having already read several similar books especially 'The Chimp Paradox.' By Dr Steve Peter I don't think it brought anything new to the table, although I did find it more succinct and enjoyed the anecdotes.

My main gripes were with the editing, the splicing of quotes sometimes mid sentance made sections hard to read, the constant quoting of Bruce Lee became grating, and as someone above mentioned it needed proofreading.

I did find as a low grade climber the whole book read like it wasn't aimed at me. Although the techniques can be applied to all climbers the constant examples of aiming to climbing 8a+ and winning competitions were unrelatable and I found that demotivating.

All in I think I got something out of it, it reminded me to practice things I already knew and I don't regret buying it. However, £30 is a lot. I would sacrifice the fancy cover/diary aspect, which for me doesn't add anything, for it to be a cheaper.
In reply to Caroline_Schofield:

Did it include the immortal Bruce Lee quote: 'Don't think, is like a finger pointing a way to the moon. Don't concentrate on the finger or you will miss all that heavenly glory!'

Might be bad advice for fingery routes though.....
 Dandan 22 Nov 2017
In reply to wrath and Caroline:

I'm somewhere between these two reviews, it's certainly not the worst thing ever produced but I did find it hard to pick out any useful information among the random layout and the poor quality writing.
I'm not usually one to balk at prices, but after reading half the book and then checking my invoice for returns information, I nearly spat lapsang souchong on my M&S Merino sweater when I saw I paid nearly £30 for it.
I'd be happier with the book if I had paid £9.99 for a plain paperback version without the pointless blank pages and diary-style cover. (Incidentally, the elastic strap that is supposed to hold the book closed isn't long enough to reach around my book, making it entirely pointless)
In reply to Caroline_Schofield:

It's £26.44 on Amazon.
 Spanish Jack 22 Nov 2017
In reply to Dandan:

It is overpriced and the design/writing style of odd fonts and bright yellow, that is often tough to even read, seems to attempt to disguise this fact (besides the heavy advertisement). There are definitely useful bits in it but I'm a bit disappointed as it just seems to be brainstormed without structure (and I'm not sure of how much Jerry is actually in it but cafe kraft).

@Dandan82 the strap can hold the book together with full extension but it does feel odd. I wonder what the little black middle strap is there for?
In reply to Spanish Jack:

My strap goes round, just. I assumed the black one is for a pen; for those people that want to write in it. Like savages.

In reply to Gordon Stainforth:

I bought it at I believe £29.95. I did happen upon a signed copy though as Jerry had been in the shop a few days earlier and signed them. So that softened the blow, as did spending birthday money, which is infinitely easier to part with.
 jezb1 22 Nov 2017
In reply to UKC Gear:

I'm keen to buy it, not as a text book, but as a bit of a motivation and psyche tool.

£30 does seem expensive, but.. I probably still buy it.
In reply to Bulls Crack:

This one fits my training aspirations:.

'The less effort, the faster and more powerful you will be'
In reply to UKC Gear:

And Bruce's advice to the publishers:

'The more we value things, the less we value ourselves'

This is all free btw
In reply to Bulls Crack:

"Optimism is a faith that leads to success" Bruce Lee
In reply to Bulls Crack:

" "Mind Control starts with a decision."- Jerry Moffatt"

Jerry Moffatt quoting Jerry Moffatt in Mastermind the book by Jerry Moffatt.
In reply to Caroline_Schofield:

'That round-eye Moffatt: he kick ass but little else'

Bruce Lee on JM in 'Words of the Dragon'

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