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I'm looking at getting the Mountain Equipment Inception pant/short (probably both) and the Comici pant what are peoples opinions on them for climbing and walking. I've already got a pair of the Ibex pants which are just too warm for me during summer months so was looking to get something lighter

Any advice or opinions on these would be ace!

 random_watcher 24 Jul 2021
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The Comici pant is closer to a lighter weight pair of Ibex pants. Relatively fitted, stretchy softshell material with zipped pockets. The Inception is a looser fit less (non?) stretchy material with open pockets.

I guess the Comici pant is more of a 'mountain' trouser and the Inception is more 'cragging'.

(I have a pair of Comici pants and like them) 

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Been using both the ME Comici and ME Dihedral for the last week in North Wales on everything from Valley crags, mountain routes with walking involved and on sea cliffs. Can highly recommend both. Sorry I can't comment on the ME Inception. 

 GCO 24 Jul 2021
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I have both.

I like the stretchy comici pants and also the number of zipped pockets. But they are not especially resilient. I shredded a pair climbing on Gower - especially the seat. I am now quite particular about where I will use them. 

The inception pants are more resilient. If I am not climbing on jagged sea cliff rock, I’d prefer the comici. Otherwise, the inception is a solid option.

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 afx22 25 Jul 2021
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I bought the Inception Shorts a for bouldering but they’re fairly useless.  The fit and non-stretchy material is restrictive, especially when high stepping.  I use them as casual shorts now.

I’ve since bought a couple of pairs of the Rab Momentum Shorts and prefer those. The fit and stretchy material works better for me.

I don’t have any but the Comici short looks good.

 robrannard 25 Jul 2021
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I have both - the inception pants are definitely far more durable than the comici pants and I don't personally notice any restriction of movement when wearing them. 

 AukWalk 25 Jul 2021
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I've had a pair of comici 'pants' for a couple of years now and am very happy with them.  I use them mainly for walking and occasionally a bit of scrambling.

Apart from summer when it's hot enough to want shorts (like at the moment) I'll happily wear them year round.  They're breathable enough for warm weather, but keep enough wind out that they're good in cool weather too. In proper cold winter weather I sometimes put my old ibex-equivalent trousers on, but have also worn the comicis over thermals and been happy.

They are pretty breathable, keep the wind off nicely, comfortable, and despite quite a lot of use they don't seem to have suffered much wear and tear. 

The water resistance didn't last long, but that's to be expected for this type of fabric I think. 

My only complaints would be that the included belt fastener starts to slip after a bit of use so you find yourself having to tighten it every hour or so, and the thigh and bum pockets can't fit much in them. 

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Thanks for the recommendation on Dihedral I'll look into them.

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Perfect thank you 

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