Midlayer mid zip R1 replacement

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 Slipknot_olly 05 Dec 2021

Hi all I'm looking for advice I've had a patagonia R1 for 10 years and it is now decidedly tired, I've brought the updated model too but it didn't last as long. This is the old one with 1/2 zip, thumb loops and stretchy lower part (perfect with a harness but removed in the newer models...).

I need to replace it but struggling to find alternatives to ask santa for. Can you help point me?  It must have a hood and a 1/2 or 1/4 zip other than that I'm good. Closest I've found is from ThruDark but I don't know if they are any good.

 ste_d 05 Dec 2021
In reply to Slipknot_olly:

The me eclipse comes in various incarnations and is similar to the r1

 TechnoJim 06 Dec 2021
In reply to ste_d:

Can confirm the eclipse is lush. 

 PaulJepson 06 Dec 2021
In reply to Slipknot_olly:

The Rab Power Grid is similar I think.

I've not used it but I really like the Nucleus, and it's pretty hard-wearing (though I think a bit heavier-duty than the R1). 

In reply to Slipknot_olly:

I've got the original R1, non-hoody, half zip, it must be 15 years old and still looks smart despite lots and lots of use. In fact I was wearing it just yesterday climbing in the Lakes. But maybe 10 years ago I got the MEC copy of the R1 hoody, really great and still used a lot. I think the MEC version is a very slightly lighter fleece than on my R1, but I don't know if the later seasons from Patagonia of the R1 hoodies used the same weight of fleece as my original R1.

But anyway - about 5 years ago I bought an Alpkit Griffon - they seem to be back at a penny under 50 quid currently, but Alpkit often seem to sell them on sale at 40. It has a full length zip - I wasn't convinced about this at first, but it has turned out to be a positive only - I can't find any downsides to it. For 35 or 40 quid that I paid for mine, it's one of the best bits of kit I own. It has thumb loops too. Well worth a look. 

It might be unfair, but my impression of ThruDark is that it is clothing made for people who REALLY REALLY REALLY wish they had been in the SAS, but are actually BMW driving accountants from Slough. This is not to say there is anything wrong with being an accountant, or from Slough, or even being a BMW driver (although I remain to be convinced on that one), just BMW driving accountants from Slough who would like others to think they are "ex-sas". 

OP Slipknot_olly 06 Dec 2021
In reply to TobyA:

LOL that was my assessment too of TD I'm sure it's okay kit but not sure I want to feel "special".

Thanks all the Eclipse looks like a contender for me so far.

The power grid and alpkit do look similar but with a full zip, unfortunately I just can't transition away I tried previously with the alpha flux and some other but just fit it fits nicer... Can't explain in detail (maybe I've a strange shape).

In reply to Slipknot_olly:

If you've not already bought, this may be worth considering. It's the old-style full-length zip Eclipse; still a grid fleece, but a slightly heavier gauge.

I bought a womens' version as a present for a friend who lives in a cold flat, and it's fine.

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