Montane Flux on sale at Sportshoes Direct

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Hi all,

just noticed that the Montane Flux is on offer at sportshoes direct for £79. That’s a bargain price for a great jacket, I have had mine for a couple of years and love it for belaying and general cragging in the cooler months. But I paid a lot more than £79 for mine!

just a kind heads up if anyone is after one.



In reply to Kryank:

Sportsshoe direct do some very decent Montane bargains... I got an alpine shift and yeah it's in hideous yellow but it's a super jacket. Also the Hydrogen, which I cannot for the life of me work out how they are still in stock as it's one of the best jackets I've owned and they are a ridiculous price...

 morpcat 22 Aug 2022
In reply to Kryank:

37%-50% off RRP, not bad. They have a lot of big discounts on other products in their summer sale right now. Only problem I've found is that it's hard to find the right sizes in stock for the heavily discounted items - although I guess I should expect that for 8.5/9 shoes. Did get a pair of Merrell MTL Long Sky last week though.

 henwardian 22 Aug 2022
In reply to Kryank:

Can you wear a helmet inside the hood?

How is the cut? I generally find there are two types of jacket/sweatshirt/any upper body layer; the ones meant for proper outdoor use are cut to have long arms, broad shoulders and curves to fit a somewhat in-shape frame they're for people who do active outdoor things like waving their arms around and have muscle mass and not too great a paunch. The other ones are the going-down-the-shops variety that are cut for shoulders subject to muscle wastage, arms that hang by your sides and paunch prone to protrude.

I always have problems with the latter type as they are too tight across the shoulders to be active in and my exposed lower arms and wrists get very cold and wet.

 Mike-W-99 22 Aug 2022
In reply to henwardian:

I've one and the hoods massive. Easily fits over a helmet.

 petemeads 22 Aug 2022
In reply to Kryank:

Thanks for the sale heads-up - they have Saucony Endorphin Speed 2 running shoes at a 35% discount, just ordered a pair. They review very well...

In reply to henwardian:

Mine works great over a helmet, however I did size up from medium to large on mine to fit over layers easily, and also it’s easier to share it with people who are taller / bigger than me.

I believed they were made for winter climbing so are a good active fit, and you can unzip from the bottom to expose belay loop, however I think they may not be warm enough for true winter climbing belay duties, but for an emergency hill walking outer and for bouldering and trad belaying in the uk winter they are fantastic.

 Forest Dump 22 Aug 2022
In reply to morpcat:

I've had my MTL Long Sky for a while now, still can't decide if I like them or not but I picked them up cheap. You have the new model?

 morpcat 23 Aug 2022
In reply to Forest Dump:

I believe I have the AW21 version. I'm either 8.5 or 9 depending on fit, and based on reviews I went with the larger 9. They still feel quite small in the toe box (both narrow and short), but I've yet to use them in anger and see how much of a problem that will be (staying in Inov8 x-claw/x-talon while training on steeper ground until after September). 

 henwardian 29 Aug 2022
In reply to Kryank:

Great, thanks for the info. Got a bit sidetracked and forgot to come back and check this thread!

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