Montane Hydrogen Direct Jacket

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 Boris 01 Dec 2021


Although I thought that Montane has discontinued Montane Hydrogen Direct Jacket containing Polartec Alpha, I recently found on the sportsshoes website this jacket in stock in various sizes and colors. On the Montane website this jacket is missing.

It is not clear from sportsshoes website what is the weight of used Polartec Alpha and what is the material used on the outer face. In the old model there was pertex quantum air and 120 sqm of Polartec Alpha.

Do you have experience with this "reborn" model?


 r0b 01 Dec 2021
In reply to Boris:

More likely to be old stock of the original jacket I would have thought

 Boris 01 Dec 2021
In reply to r0b:

I dont think so, because color range is different, there is no Pertex logo on the forearm as in the old model and all sizes and colors were available.

 nathan79 01 Dec 2021
In reply to Boris:

They also have a slightly different looking version of the Extreme jacket, with different colour options. Not sure where their stock has come from.

I'd been thinking of grabbing an Extreme from the Montane discount shop but the Sportshoes ones are £20 less so went for that. 

 ste_d 01 Dec 2021
In reply to Boris:

I wonder if they have got hold of some end of line material ie alpha and combined it with some pertex to produce these

 Boris 01 Dec 2021
In reply to ste_d:

Yeah, this the most plausible explanation for me. I also sent query to sportsshoes and montane but I did not get reasonable explanation.

In reply to Boris:

Bit of a necropost but I've just picked up one of these jackets as a winter version of the halogen jacket they did.

It does contain 120 weight polartec alpha so is thick and toasty. The face fabric is some generic nylon and is unbranded. It doesn't feel like pertex and is much thicker than the semi permeable stuff they used on the Halogen.

A big old bout of sciatica has precluded using it in anger yet so I cannot comment on breathability etc but it looks like it'll be properly warm.

 ste_d 16 Dec 2021
In reply to angry pirate:

So did I 👍

I think many would find it too warm for a standard mountain day but I'm using it more for environmental surveys on the moors in winter where it's a stop start activity over several hours...

The face fabric seemed reasonably breathable for me on a quick blow test but it ain't quantum air.

Nonetheless at the price with polartec alpha it's not bad at all

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