NEW REVIEW: Montane Medusa 32 Rucksack

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 UKC Gear 25 May 2012
On the Lofer via Feratta near Salzburg, 4 kbSteve Long reviews the Medusa 32 from Montane's brand new rucksack range. The Medusa 32 is designed as a mountain master, super light (913g), multi-season endurance pack. Suggested usage is mountain ascents and ultra distance where weight is critical but comfort cannot be compromised.

 martinph78 26 May 2012
In reply to UKC Gear:

What was wrong with my review:


I've used mine several times now and am happy with it. I love the drawcord feature and find the lid very useful, it's deep/re-enforced so holds it's shape, that seems to stop gear falling out when you open it. Only small complaingt is the side pockets/wand pockets are a bit tight for water bottles, they hold them securely but I can't get them out without taking the pack off. A minor gripe and at least I know I won't loose one!
 Steve Long 30 May 2012
In reply to Martin1978: Hi Martin, Your review is spot on! I would have referenced it if I had noticed it beforehand. I did do a search for reviews as part of my research but unfortunately your review didnt come up - I guess because its tucked away in a forum. But you're right - a day sack for technical scrambling is the ideal use for this sack and where its features come into play.
 martinph78 30 May 2012
In reply to Steve Long:

Thanks Steve

Do you know if they have any plans for a larger pack at all? Could do with something in the 70 litre range...

Cheers, Martin

 mattrm 30 May 2012
In reply to UKC Gear:

Looks like it'd be a perfect summer Alpine pack.

As for your comment about light weight packs, you've obviously never noticed the Arc'teryx Cierzo 35 which is about 600gm.

I'm kinda torn between the two, but I think that the Montane despite the extra 300gms will probably be a slightly better pack in terms of comfort and features. Especially the small pouch on the hipbelt, I really like them, very useful.

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