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BStar - on 01 Oct 2013
I'm in the market for some winter trousers, but to be honest I have no clue what to choose; hard shell, soft shell, membrane, no membrane, waterproof over trousers etc. I don't want to rush out and buy something that will be far too warm/cold or wet for what I need.

I want to get into my winter climbing this year, so I am typically looking at trousers for Scottish/Welsh grade I and II gullies as well as general winter mountain walking.

I have been to a large shop that shall not be named, the sort of shop where the prices are cheap but the service and knowledge is appalling. I tried on a few trousers and like the fit of the Montane Terra Thermostretch Pants.

Can anyone recommend these? Or would you recommend something else in the similar price range (~£100 although they are 15% off if I buy before Oct 6th). I can't seem to find much in the form of reviews on these online so any thoughts would be massively appreciated.
roperat - on 01 Oct 2013
In reply to BStar:
I've found that thermal long johns are more flexible than lined trousers.
You can wear them with just hard shell trousers if there is deep snow or crap weather or add normal walking trousers if it is proper cold.
I use RAB Latok Salopettes (try Needlesports for a good deal)with merino long johns and I've never needed anything else even in pretty terrible conditions, however I run ridiculously hot and often carrying largish loads.
Hope this helps,

BnB - on 01 Oct 2013
In reply to roperat: I agree that wearing insulated trousers tends to remove flexibility from your system. I wear the Haglofs Rugged Hybrid Pant because it is the most (/crampon)snag resistant gear I have found. Cold outings (long belays) I put merino long johns under. If I expect it to be warmer (brisk winter hike) I just pack some cheap (ie second hand) breathable lightweight waterproof trous to throw over the top if I get cold.
matejn - on 01 Oct 2013
In reply to BStar: Take a look at Montane XT Salopettes. Not waterproof but still highly water resistant with good venting possibilities and bombproof. Unfortunately it appears that they are discontinued but you can still find them around.
BStar - on 01 Oct 2013
Thanks for the advice guys, a non insulated layer might be more versatile for different weathers. I'll take a look at some of the ones you have all mentioned.

TobyA on 01 Oct 2013
In reply to BStar: I've got a pair of normal terras and they're pretty light, so check the weight of the insulated ones before presuming they are automatically heavier than thick single layer troos. One guy mentioned the Haglöf rugged trousers for example; great trousers; mine are 10 years old now and virtually undamaged despite huge amounts of use BUT they are not light and the newer models have even more features on them - hence more weight.

I don't know about the Terra thermostretch, but I'm sure they're not heavily insulated; they may be great as winter trouser. I sweat loads when I'm active even when its very cold so am aware to not wear too much on walk ins etc; but my legs are much more tolerant, so for example I was rarely too hot walking in in Scotland in Buffalo salopettes, but would always take my mountain shirt off for the walk in; so you might find lightly insulated troos are fine even when you're warm up top.
Nemo9 - on 01 Oct 2013
In reply to BStar: Hi Adam, I have a pair of the Thermostretch Pants that I used last winter for climbing. I found them a really good. The material is quite stretchy and hard wearing so good for mixed stuff. I also found the fit good, no flapping material to snag on crampon points and quite a high waist to keep your base layer tucked in. Warmth wise they were not overly warm. I have a pair of Paramo salopettes for when the weather is really shit but if you wore some longjohns under them i am sure you would be toastie. The full length zips are great for staying cool on the walk in. On the down side they dont have an internal gaiter. I have a light pair of ankle gaiters that I wear tucked under the trousers that keeps the snow out of my boots. They are pretty good a shedding water and dry quickly. I picked them up for £50 in a sale but would say they are well worth £85.

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