Mountain Equipment Kinesis vs Rab Vapour-Rise Incline trousers

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 CLYoung 19 Aug 2021

I'm looking to replace my Rab Vapour-Rise trousers that I've, ahem, outgrown in the last 18 months. The replacements will be used hillwalking, mainly in Wales. I was wondering if anyone had any experience of Mountain Equipment Kinesis or the current Rab Vapour-Rise Incline trousers? How robust are they for scrambling? Do they shed water well and dry quickly? Are they only for the depths of winter or useful in everything but the height of summer? I used to wear my Vapour-Rise trousers even in summer occasionally and certainly from October to April.

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I have the kinesis jacket, not sure how similar the trousers are, so maybe add a pinch of salt.

For me it's a great warmth as an active layer when it's really cold, trad belay jacket for when it's about 0-10 degrees C, and a comfortable layer for summer evenings when static, or for windy summits. I imagine trousers of the same material would be too warm unless it's really cold, but maybe that's just me.

Durability wise, the material is not that tough, I have put a couple of nicks in it without abusing it much (I never climb in it etc). I think the jacket is marketed as a midlayer so the trousers may well be more robust.

Sheds water really well, and dries extremely fast, no complaints there! 

 CLYoung 20 Aug 2021
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Thanks Steve. Sounds like it might be warm for what I want, unless the trousers are totally different to the jacket.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.
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