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fire_munki on 02 Mar 2013
In this months issue of climber they have this bag but don't say where to order it! I can find it anywhere, has anyone seen a UK suppler?

If not I'm looking for a similar bag, I want it to be about 45 litres, a floating lid, side straps to hold my axes, pref a built in crampon bag (like Millet bags) or storage patch,hydration system compatible and be harder wearing than my berghaus arete 35 (holes in the bottom and grab handle broke after 6 months!)

I should also say £140 - £150 quid is my total upper max and less would be a bonus.
JJL - on 02 Mar 2013
JJL - on 02 Mar 2013
Cornish boy - on 02 Mar 2013
In reply to fire_munki:
You might want to consider the Lowe Alpine 'Alpine Attack'. I've got it and it's a beauty! Similar to the Direttissima, and comes in a 45:55 litre size [they do a 35:45 litre one too].

The expandable volume is great for winter climbing and it's extremely hard wearing. It ticks all your boxes, but perhaps not as good for carrying skis as the Mountain Hardwear.

Have a look at the Lowe Alpine website as there are video clips of the designers explaining all the features of the 'sac.

They are both clearly quality 'sacs.

Happy shopping!
ice.solo - on 02 Mar 2013
In reply to fire_munki:

ive used the south col which is its near identical big brother (70L) and its done well (about 100 days of tough use over 16 months). only notiveable wear and tear is the shoulder straps are a bit compressed from lots of heavy loads (which actually shits me a bit - a pack that big i think should do better), butt on a 45L may not matter as much.

id get a direttissima if i wasnt too lazy to pack nicely into a smaller space.

looks like they got a new version out. not sure if its just a colour change or not.
very light for a pack that size and featured.

only better pack ive used is a cilo 75L - but for the same money you could feed a small nation.
fire_munki on 03 Mar 2013
In reply to fire_munki:
As an aside, whats the experienced winter guys opinion on sticking your crampons on the outside?
My guide this year said it was a no no in his opinion, but with bags by big "winter" names having the patches to store them it seems reasonable.
If its a no, any opinion on the Millet Peuterey Integrale which says it has a built in pocket for them?
top cat on 05 Mar 2013
In reply to fire_munki:

Outside carry used to be the norm. I now do both, but inside is extra faff, and involves a crampon bag...more weight/cost/faff.

I'm leaning back to old school.......
fire_munki on 05 Mar 2013
In reply to fire_munki:
That sways me more towards the MH pack then, just god knows where Climber saw it for 135 quid! The US site want a fair whack to ship it over.
I wonder if they actually found it for that price?
NottsRich on 05 Mar 2013
In reply to fire_munki: I got the Diretissima 65 (I think) from Cotswolds for £60 odd last year. Might be worth a look there? It was a special offer I think, but you never know! Apart from being a little big with the lid on and hitting my helmet when I look up (I take it off for climbing), it's a good bag.
eschaton - on 05 Mar 2013
In reply to NottsRich: the model cotswolds were selling was the dihedral which was the predecessor to the diretissima, very similar though.

Nevisport were selling the Direttissima for £87 which is a very good price, though im not sure theres any stock left.
NottsRich on 05 Mar 2013
In reply to eschaton: Well I must've got lucky then, because mine says Direttissima on it ;-) It was about 18 months ago though.

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