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piglore - on 05 May 2014
Hi all, I'm after some info

I have a mountain technology Rannoch rucksack but it is missing the frame.

My question is did it ever have one and where can you source a replacement. I know mountain technology went out of busses some years ago but can't seem to find any info at all.

The rucksack is technically oriented one with gear loops etc. It has a zip pouch in where you would expect a frame to go. It hasn't got any slots where you would expect if it was just metal inserts.

I've tried to fit the frame from my military bergen but it's not a great fit.

Any help gratefully received

Cheers chris
G0rdrilla - on 08 May 2014
In reply to piglore:

Good afternoon!

First time for me posting on here as I usually just sit back and read away!

I bought an old type Karrimor Alplite pack from the gear sale at The Heights in Llanberis last year. It had a dedicated pocket for a pack frame but no frame but at the bargain price of £5 that I paid for the pack I decided to purchase the pack and then attempt to source a frame elsewhere.

Days of searching then concluded in finding a company named Lancashire Sports Repairs ( who repair rucksacks and plenty of other outdoor gear (boot repairs, sleeping bag repairs, clothing repairs, tent repairs, gaiter repairs, rock shoe and approach shoe repairs and re-proofing etc...) for the likes of Karrimor, Lowe Alpine, Vaude, Macpac and Berghaus (among others). It resulted in me emailing them a description with measurements/dimensions of the frame I needed and they made me one to order for about £25 I think it was.

It fits like a glove and I've had no issues with it so far so I highly recommend these guys so they're definately worth contacting.

Hope this helps.

piglore - on 08 May 2014
In reply to G0rdrilla:

Thank you Gordon I'll certainly give them a try.


This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.