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ElliottB - on 20 Nov 2018

My Haglofs Spitz jacket is at the end of it's life, it did well at 9 years, but definitely on it's way out.

I originally had a Mountain Equipment Tupilak lined up as the perfect replacement, but the one I've just taken delivery of one and found that doesn't have pit zips (serves me right for not checking that they remove something like that). It might old fashioned now, but I loved having the option of dumping heat and getting some air in to cool me down. I'm going to send it back, as I don't think I could go back without that option. 

Now that I'm back at square one, any recommendations that might fit the following criteria? Last time I went looking in shops, there didn't seem to be a mega amount of jackets with pit zips to start with.

  • GTX
  • 4 season jacket - used for Scottish winter mountaineering/climbing, European ice etc. (well that's the hope anyway)
  • Alpine fit (I'm slim and tall)
  • Decent hood, helmet compatible
  • Harness compatible
  • Pit zips 

Last time I went hunting for a jacket, I always struggled with arm length, but looking at the ME after my Haglofs, I suspect this was down to the cut of the jacket, but something that I'm always wary of. 

Thanks in advance.

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MischaHY - on 21 Nov 2018
In reply to ElliottB:

Patagonia Triolet. Superb and bombproof. 

StuDoig - on 21 Nov 2018
In reply to ElliottB:

I've just found ME Lhotse on sale and liked it so far.  The hood isn't as good as the Tupilak when wearing a helmet, but better and less flappy when not.  Only had 1.5hrs of wearing it in heavy wind driven rain with a big pack, but largely dry afterwards (line of damp down centre zip and some spots around hips where pressure from pack is).  Following day spent on the hill in strong gusty winds and showers and did a sterling job.  Not given it a proper chimney thrutching as of yet to see about durability though.

Pockets are good enough - harness compatible, and you can get gloves, snacks etc in easily enough but map in case is a bit awkward - the pocket is big enough (just) but the mouth a bit tight.

It has pit zips - though funnily enough I was very keen on finding a jacket that didn't have them as I much prefer not having additional holes / leak points in my jacket.  I thought the Tupilak had them - must have been an older version I was looking it.  Would have waited for one to appear in a sale if I'd known!  Perspective is funny, I'd still think of pitzips as being "modern" and solid jacket as being "old fashioned"





ElliottB - on 21 Nov 2018
In reply to MischaHY:

Not actually had a look at the Patagonia shells, will have to have a wander into Manchester to try one on.

jezb1 - on 21 Nov 2018
In reply to ElliottB:

I’d echo the triolet recommendation.

ElliottB - on 25 Nov 2018

Thought I'd just pop an update on here, incase anyone is in a similar boat to me.

Tried the Patagonia Triolet on,  very short on the arms. Rising my arms above my head, pulled back about 2/3 inches, so that's out. Tried their Gucci jacket (didn't get the name, similar deal). Didn't have their stretchy own brand waterproof jacket to try, but guessing similar issues with arm. 

Tried various Arc'teryx jackets, they seemed a lot better. So might be something there. ME Lhotse was pretty good on the arms, but still a bit of a gap.

Just to make sure I wasn't thinking that my Haglofs wasn't as good a fit, as I thought in my head, tried it on again and the arms are definitely the best.  Doesn't move when raising my arms above my head. Might see if any shops carry their new model.

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