/ PRODUCT NEWS: New Ski collection from Bridgedale

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Unique WoolFusion® technology by Bridgedale in the All Mountain Ski socks with a 3 year guarantee!

AdrianC - on 10 Feb 2014
In reply to UKC Gear:
That should say "New sock collection from Bridgedale."
Chris the Tall - on 10 Feb 2014
In reply to UKC Gear:

Is it just me, or does the picture of the sock not appear in the article ?
In reply to AdrianC:

Adrian, I have just been in touch with Bridgedale to clarify, it is indeed the All Mountain collection and not Ski collection as previously suggested.

Chris, the correct picture should now appear in both the article and thumbnail.

Thanks to you both.
Chris the Tall - on 11 Feb 2014
A bit of feedback for Bridgedale:

I love the quality of Bridgedale socks, wear nothing else for walking, but by the looks of things these aren't what I want in a skiing sock.

First of all skiiers and boarders have different requirements, which puts me off a "do it all" sock. For a ski sock, I want extra thickness on the toes, sole, heel and especially shin. OK I don't board, but my understanding is that they prefer more padding on the back of the leg, not the front. (Then again, maybe they want them really baggy and down around their ankles !!)
In reply to Chris the Tall:

Hi Chris,

I suppose the sock suffers in the same way many of us do with climbing: jack of all trades master of none.

From having looked at their site it seems there are many variations like the ones you describe, visit for the full snow sport range.

That said, I will forward your feedback across.

AdrianC - on 11 Feb 2014
In reply to Rob Greenwood - UKC:

Rob, I fear my previous post must have been unclear. It was motivated by having clicked on the thread thinking "Skis - that's funny - I didn't know Bridgedale made skis." Turns out they don't. Only socks.

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