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sarahjk - on 25 Nov 2012
I have some very old CAMP crampons, from the 80s, which I would like to use for a bit of 'mild' winter/Scottish hiking, or at least to carry if conditions demand while out hiking.

Definately NO front pointing or anything silly like that. I used them when hiking and for a little climbing way back at Uni and have lived in warmer climes since.

Being rather impoverished I would like to continue using them rather than spend £100+ on new crampons. I would like to replace the straps as the old ones are, well, old ! Just seems to make sense, they are neoprene/strapping apparently.

I have looked through the on-line selection that Needle Sports has, seems to be the best selection, but nothing totally compatible.

Does anyone know of anywhere else that sells spares for 'antique' gear ? Or have any suggestions ? I am thinking of just getting the Grivel straps and weaving them through the loops on crampons.


Cameron94 on 25 Nov 2012
In reply to sarahkeast: Is it a C2 type binding with a clip at the back and a basket at the front? If so I can't think of an obvious reason not to replace the strap with a grivel one.
sarahjk - on 25 Nov 2012
In reply to Cameron94: No clips or basket.

The toe has two straps which join with metal ring, heel just has straps coming from rings
crash matti - on 25 Nov 2012
In reply to sarahkeast: Buy some new ones, you can afford it
annieman - on 25 Nov 2012
In reply to sarahkeast: Go down to your local market and buy some dog leads. Then find the local cobbler, in the same market, who will stitch them on for you.
Good luck.
Northern Climber on 25 Nov 2012
In reply to sarahkeast: I have a feeling I have a pair of simialr camp crampons.

I'd check the length of the current straps on them and compare them to the length of the grivel straps as the grivel ones may not be long enough.

I'd then compare how much work it'd be to put the buckle on some non brand webbing and the price of the right length webbing versus the price of a new grivel strap (if its the right length).

then go with the cheapest / easiest option.

if your happy with what the crampons are doing and the fastening system then why change them for something else.
cragtyke on 25 Nov 2012
In reply to sarahkeast: see the custom made one piece straps on this article it'll depend on the rings on your crampons though.
Ron Walker - on 25 Nov 2012
In reply to sarahkeast:

We used to use nylon tape straps and rivets supplied by the climbing shops!
Could be a problem now to the get the stuff but easily improvised at B&Q if you are good at DIY and can rivet. Neopprene straps that threaded through itself and avoided the riveting were OK but probably impossible to get now...! TBO by the time you buy all the stuff you might as well buy a cheap pair of modern crampons and hang the old ones on the wall as ornaments as I have done!
sarahjk - on 26 Nov 2012
In reply to sarahkeast:

Thanks for all the replys, I wasnt sure how home made and Heath Robinson people could safely get ! More fettling tonight and will figure out the straps thing.

See you out there.

Jack B on 26 Nov 2012
In reply to sarahkeast:

I also have a pair of late 80s camp crampons! I do use them for front pointing on easier gulleys, they're pretty good. Better than the 10 pointers the club has to lend anyway.

Forgive me if I'm teaching granny to suck eggs, but make sure you know how to correctly do up the straps. The older systems aren't always as obvious as the newer ones.
In particular if there is only two metal rings at the front, rather than a 'basket' made of short bits of strap, then it should be done up so that the toe strap can't fall off forward and suddenly make everything loose. If that's not clear, let me know and I'll dig up some pictures.
Needle Sports - on 26 Nov 2012
In reply to sarahkeast: Actually, we do supply Grivel crampon tape off the reel now (see ) and also rivets, so you can reuse the buckles and rings etc and redo them yourself.

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