/ Normal mic and vibration mic headsets for walkie talkies.

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EZ on 10 Jun 2012
I've just ordered myself a second pair of Motorola TLKR T5 radios as when I find them useful I find them very useful and going out as two climbing pairs and sometimes in a university club group situation, I figured that I would, at the bargain basement price of £14.95 inc p&p, get more than my money's worth over the years.

Whilst looking for them I came across headsets and whilst something I have tried before it was before the technology became quite so polished. So I am stuck wondering if anyone else has used headsets on the crag/mountain. And also does anyone have any experience of throat mics or earbone vibration mics? Are they frustrating to wear? Do they reproduce clear speech?

These are the ones that I am contemplating between and am very interested in any constructive considerations that you can share.
rasilon - on 10 Jun 2012
In reply to EZ:

They (throat mics; no idea about earbone speakers) can be OK. Bad ones are bad, good ones are good. The old Clansman ones for NBC kit were clunky and sometimes painful, but I have a couple of (cheap, chinese) throat mics that I use in noisy environments nowadays and they're fine. I don't bother when it's not noisy, since you're effectively tied into them and can't hand the radio over. The ones I have look very similar to your second link.
EZ on 10 Jun 2012
In reply to rasilon:

Cheap chinese is what I'd have to get if I went earbone which is the most attractive prima facia. With vox turned on I imagine it would be possible to get into a relatively continuous conversation if both (all) parties were aware of and used to the delays and one person talking at a time limitation.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.