/ North Face HyVENT jacket with zip-in/zip-out north face fleece.

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climbon101 on 28 Nov 2012 -
Hi guys just a quick review of my new jacket i just got this weekend.
the jacket is the North Face HyVent with a built in zip-in/zip-out north face fleece. i got the jacket Sunday from blacks(Sheffield), so i wanted to wear it for a few days before writing this to give you the best review i could.
ok so a few weeks ago i thought to my self i need a new jacket but just buying one these's days is a lot harder then i thought as i found out when i got to blacks a few weeks ago to try them on.

To cut this short i will just tell you i called in the shop about 3 or 4 times trying on all sorts of jackets before getting to the one i liked. but none the less i was back in the store a week later to buy it. (big thanks to the staff in blacks for been helpful and nice to me)

ok so i picked the North Face HyVENT jacket with zip-in/zip-out north face fleece. jacket color black, fleece color a dark gray. its water proof that's for sure as i found when wearing it the next morning as i walk to work. the jackets wired american sizes means its about 3 inch or so longer then a normal small would be at the bottom but i felt the better of it when i was out in the rain as this extra 3 inch bottom also had a elastic rope feeding round the inside of the seem making it all most air tight at the bottom. (draft and water free)
the inner fleece is easy to zip in and out with two zips at each side and simply push buttons on each sleeve to hold it in place as your arm moves and one at the top, its really a easy fast way to warm up or cool off.
so the real reason it is so hard to pick a jacket like this is that every jacket is rather thin and water proof but not wind proof or insulated
or thick and insulated but not water proof and leaves you shivering due to that draft that swoops up from the bottom.
but this jacket has everything the bottom keep tight stopping wind from blowing up the bottom its thick with a thick neck and well insulated.

The only problem i have is the hood that will not stay on my head no matter how hard i pull the strings at the back to tighten it up it blows off in high winds now its ok if 95% of your body is warm but as soon as your head gets wet you lose all heat so you get cold FAST!

well that's about it im sorry for the little detail but i did say it was a quick review

if anyone wants to climb some time feel free to ring me 07977726653 anywhere in Sheffield indoor or outdoor


This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.