/ Opinions from owners: Blue Ice 45L

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neuromancer - on 14 Apr 2013
Thoughts? Weight? Features? Durability? Comfort? Adjustability?
MattIrwin - on 15 Apr 2013
In reply to neuromancer: I really like mine. It strips down easily, light weight and comfortable. It's slightly small for 45 litres. The only down side is the lid is prone to detatching when not fully closed. I was worried about the durability initially but having given it some hammer it's still in great shape. All in all a great bit of kit.
aldo56 - on 15 Apr 2013
In reply to neuromancer: Although it's a different model, i've got the Warthog 26 and i'm delighted with it. I'd imagine the larger packs are of the same high quality construction with good features.
Hearnson - on 15 Apr 2013
In reply to neuromancer: Used one for the last two years, light, comfortable, compact, great for the Alps, compression straps allow axes poles and shovel etc to be on sides, zip down side of main body means you can access the sac without opening the lid, great if raining or snowing as you can point it away from the prevailing wind, access flask etc without the inside getting wet. Thoroughly recommended!
tprebs - on 15 Apr 2013
In reply to neuromancer:
Its a great sack. I agree with MattIrwin that the lid does detach occasionally when not strapped down but other than that its great. Picked mine up off rockrun as a few weeks ago as it was on sale. great quality for the price
Bob_the_Builder - on 15 Apr 2013
In reply to neuromancer:

I've had one for this winter season so far. I've used it for winter climbing, rock climbing, skiing, and a short train trip to London. Its a great bag. No holes so far, the axe attachment is refreshingly simple (why do we need fancy complicated not-very-secure easy-to-break axe attachment points Osprey? stupid...) works well for carrying skis, the zip is tough and useful once you get used to it, and the bag gets wider from bottom to top so its easy to pack efficiently.

My only issue with it is that the straps that hold the shoulder straps to the back often get caught under the lid, then the straps loosen up and the bag is hanging miles backwards at the top. its fine as long as I remember to check it after doing up the lid, but it can be bloody annoying, especially when on an awkward stance in a gale!

I find the back and the waist belt comfortable, though I've mostly been using it with a lot of layers. I guess I'll find out more when I use it this summer in California.

Overall I'd totally recommend it, as long as you don't like fancy (IMHO useless) gadgetry on your multipitch bag. (I do have an Osprey 70 L for long backpacking trips and I love it for that because it has an amazing back support, but Osprey make their bags too complicated for winter)
dutybooty - on 15 Apr 2013
In reply to neuromancer: I have it, very comfortable, ridiculously comfortable for me.

The ice axe attachments on mine I don't like, consisting of a large pocket at the bottom to put the picks in then you have to unclip the compression straps and clip them round the axes, much prefer the style on my warthog bag.

Same story with the lid, always coming unclipped when not fastened up. Fortunately not lost it yet.

Compression straps can come undone too if not under alot of tension.

Looks like the new yeti 45L fixes all these problems, if I see one when I've got a bit of extra cash in my pocket, it'll be leaving with me.
fairweatherclimber - on 15 Apr 2013
In reply to neuromancer:

I can see the benefits of additional straps for skiers and boarders, but otherwise can't see it improving on the bomb proof Pod Black Ice classic. Small back size is I think just under 45l.

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