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JXM - on 25 Aug 2014
I have been very happy with the old version of the Ooutdoor Research Vert gloves but they have sadly worn out (I stupidly neglected to swap them before abseiling off). However, I now note on the OR website that they have made some reinforcements on the thumb and index that to me look like they reduce the dexterity of the gloves. Does anyone have experience with the differences in the old plain, no fuss version versus the new(ish, most recent) reinforced version? Is the new version as dexterous? Unfortunately I don’t live near a shop that stocks them so can’t go and have a play. If the reinforcements are as I suspect, then what similar gloves should I be considering as a replacement?
NathanP - on 25 Aug 2014
In reply to JXM:

I tried on but foolishly didn't buy a pair of the old Vert gloves, just before they became unobtainable. I ended up with, and have been very happy with, Mountain Equipment Super Alpine Gloves for UK winter climbing.

Just from looking at pics of the new Verts, I'd worry about that reinforcement too and maybe the ME Super Alpines are closer to the old Verts.

It would be interesting from somebody who has actually used all three.
JXM - on 26 Aug 2014
In reply to NathanP: Thanks for your comments. The ME Super Alpines look very similar to the old Verts. How are they in terms of fit? The sizing chart on the ME website is not particularly useful.
Mr Lopez - on 26 Aug 2014
In reply to JXM:
The super alpines fit almost the same as the outdoor research gloves, a little bit wider if anything but nothing major, and the sizing seems consistent as opposed to most other brands.

P.s. Talking about size M. Not a clue if the same is true with other sizes

P.p.s. And there's a new version out of them, so can't say for those either.

This isn't being very helpful in hindsight...
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