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 Tringa 18 Nov 2021

Some members might know these poles

but if you don't please read on.

Mrs Tringa has never been a big hillwalker. She has in the past enjoyed the likes of Stac Polliadh and some of the lower hills and walks around Gairloch, but has done more level walks(eg Slaggan Bay - ).

About three or four years ago she started having trouble in one knee. This was diagnosed as arthritis. Sometimes it has caused quite a bit of discomfort, sometimes the effect has been mild.

In the last year or so she has suffered more and has done some exercise to try and help the problem.

This has helped quite a lot but she has still, until recently, not walked more than about half a mile on level easy ground.

She saw Pacer Poles online and after looking at a lot of reviews, bought some.

Last month, using the Pacer Poles, she did the Flowerdale Glen walk at Gairloch -

It isn't long(3 miles) or much of a climb(about 150m) but it is way more than she has done for a few years.

Although her knee ached a bit at the end of the walk she said, with the poles, she felt more able to go further and they really helped.

If anyone else is having difficult with joints these poles might help.

All of the reviews I have seen are positive but they say, as Mrs T has confirmed, you need to work/learn how to use the poles.


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 jasonC abroad 18 Nov 2021
In reply to Tringa:

Glad your wife found them helpful, I brought some of these off the back of recommendations on this site, but I must be the only person whose had a negative experience with them.  I used them on about 6 walks of various lengths and developed a pain on my instep that stopped me walking for about a month, I've not used them since and have been fine.  I suspect that I changed my stride length and maybe the way my foot hit the ground.

I'd be interested to know if anyone else has had problems with them or any other poles.

In reply to Tringa:

My Mum's had a similar positive experience with PPs after breaking her femur last winter. It's honestly made the difference between being able to walk the dog twice a day, or not.

Aside from helping people with compromised mobility, I've heard nothing but positive reports of the design from anyone who's ever used them. They're 100% my preferred walking pole, and I find them especially good for long distances because they're so efficient and give you extra propulsive power and less wrist stress. The ergonomic handle is streets ahead of any other design I've seen.

The only downside is that they're less packable for winter climbing than a conventional ski pole-based walking pole. But in all other respects a normal pole is far inferior.

In reply to Dan Bailey -

My wife and I love them, having used them for a number of multi day hikes. The only issue is packing them away, as the handles are bulky compared to normal ones. Pity the handles could not be removable.

In reply to Tringa:

Thanks for posting. My wife had a bad accident (broken tibia and disintegration of its head in knee joint exacerbated by osteoporosis). Her walking is quite limited so it might be worth giving these poles a try.

 wee jamie 19 Nov 2021
In reply to Tringa:

Thanks for this.  I've just bought a pair for my Mum.  When you say you need to work/learn how to use them, can you elaborate please?  Any hints and tips would be much appreciated, so she can get to grips with them (pardon the pun) as quickly as poss.

 Tringa 19 Nov 2021
In reply to wee jamie:

I think the best guidance is on the

"Overview" and "How to use"  links on the first page of the Pacer Poles site.


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