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sheffieldchris - on 12 Feb 2018

In the past I have been a doubter about the kits ability to keep you dry. I am starting to look again at their kit for a couple of reasons.

As I have got older the sweat seams to poor off me on big hikes to the climbs, options have been when climbing to walk slower, which I already do or take a spare base layer and change before climbing.

This does not help when going for mountain days out when you are up and down all day. Recently me latest jacket failed I thought what a load of crap until I worked out it was 10 years old, had been hammered and washed and reproofed a few times.

I have gear I am happy with for most of year and would only be using a new jacket for winter so the ability to vent with the Paramo system and still be ok once on the tops is leaning me that way.

Has anyone tried the Enduro jacket (man is it expensive, but so are most other options) keep seeing them on the hill and being used by the mountain rescue teams.

Be interested to see what peoples thoughts are. 

cousin nick on 12 Feb 2018
In reply to sheffieldchris:

I don't have the enduro, but I've been using the velez adventure smock and/or Aspira salopettes for over 10 years. Having had 4 leaky goretex garments prior to this, I would say that the Paramo gear is the best I've ever had.

However, I don't blindly like all of their kit, some of the jackets are baggy and heavy compared with shell jackets. I like the Velez smock a lot, but generally use it somewhat differently to a shell - its more like a fleece/shell combination because its so warm (too warm in summer). Therefore, I tend to wear it all the time under suitable conditions (usually just over a base layer), rather than carry it and put it on when it starts to rain. Definitely very breatheable, and the side zips allow even greater ventilation. The ability to wash and reproof easily is useful - I do ours once or twice a year depending on use. Salopettes have been equally brilliant and are my 'go to' winter wear.

I'm really pleased with Paramo, but I think its a bit of a 'Marmite' product with lovers and haters.

Hope that helps.



Denzil - on 12 Feb 2018

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