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Sgt. Vest - on 05 Dec 2018

Hi all,

My uncle, known to many on here as Chris the tall passed away last month. We're wondering if anyone might have a good idea of where we could donate the bulk of his rack. Like all good racks it's a mix of newer and older stuff, but mostly (by my books anyway) still very useable. 

Thinking there might be a non-profit outdoor education company or such a group that might be able to benefit from it for building anchors or something.

Happy to hear any suggestions anyone has.

Also huge thanks to anyone who was at his funeral this week from our family and Liz his wife. What an amazing turnout and a great sendoff.

P.S. we're in the Sheffield area. Local organisations would be best.



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olddirtydoggy - on 05 Dec 2018
In reply to Sgt. Vest:

Last year a customer tried to get me to volunteer at the Challange Cancer through adventure charity, peak district based. It might be worth having a look and seeing if they could find a use. Good luck.

idiotproof (Buxton MC) - on 05 Dec 2018
In reply to olddirtydoggy:

 Just a thought but could it be 'auctioned off' at the BMC area meet with the money going to charity? 

BMC advise thst it shouldnt be used.... winners can do what they want with it?

Its just you might struggle to get and organisation that could directly make use of 2nd hand gear

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Andrew Lodge - on 05 Dec 2018
In reply to Sgt. Vest:

I've donated old ropes to the local Scout group when my son was involved in scouting and they were delighted to get them.

This was on the strict understanding that they did not know the history of the rope and it must not be used for anything off the ground.

They cut them into sections and used them endlessly for practising knots, lashing things together to make rafts and all sorts of other similar stuff.

gethin_allen on 05 Dec 2018
In reply to Sgt. Vest:

Any formal group wouldn't be able to use gear with unknown history.

You could just sell it on here or on E-bay and donate the proceeds to a charity of his nearest's choice.

Luke90 on 05 Dec 2018
In reply to Sgt. Vest:

No formal organisation, with the associated liability and risk assessments, will be able to use the gear for its original intended purpose, sadly. You will either need to find an organisation that can recycle it/repurpose it or give it to individuals who are knowledgeable enough to assess the risk that they're taking. Perhaps some of his climbing partners would value having some items on their rack to remember him by?

Both of these organisations collect climbing gear for a mixture of repurposing and recycling, from a variety of venues around Sheffield:

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