/ Petzl Laser Speed Light Ice Screws - Thoughts?

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saintlade - on 24 Jul 2014
Hey Guys,

heading away for some alpine adventures in Kyrgyzstan and was thinking of maybe treating myself to a couple of laser speed light ice screws to shave a bit of weight off the old rack. Was wondering if anyone had actually had a chance to play with them yet properly and had any thoughts on the durability?
Kai - on 25 Jul 2014
In reply to saintlade:

I haven't played with them, but a friend played with them at an outdoor retailer show. (They had a big block of ice, and folks could practice placing them.) He quite liked them. Said they went in rather well. Teeth are the same as the steel Laser Speed screws, so placement should be similar.

On the durability side, the threads on aluminum screws are much more susceptible to damage than steel. I keep my aluminum screws in their protective sleeves when transporting them, and I'm careful not to smack them against stuff when clearing ice cores.

I have a bunch of the e-Climb aluminum screws,
( and I am planning on supplementing them with some of the new Petzl aluminum screws when they become available next month. When alpine climbing, the weight advantage is too big to ignore.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.