/ Petzl Luna or DMM Puma womens harnesses?

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ellenclimbs - on 08 Dec 2012
Which harness would you say is better (based on price value- each harness is £70, durability, safeness etc...) The DMM Puma or the Petzl Luna. The user of this harness will be a 13 year old girl, whom I am getting it for a Christmas present. She is around 5'2, if that helps at all ;)
Jon Wickham - on 09 Dec 2012
In reply to ellenclimbs: Both these harnesses are good, however finding the right harness is all about fit. If a harness is too big then it is potentially unsafe to use as the wearer may slip out of it during a fall. If at all possible get the girl to try on several sizes of each harness in a shop where the the sales assistant can help you. Then buy the one that gives the best fit.
Sarah Stirling - on 10 Dec 2012
In reply to ellenclimbs:

Hi Ellen, for my two pennies worth: both are good quality, good value, durable and safe women's all-rounder harnesses. What do you want the harness for? Indoor climbing, trad, sport...? The Luna has 4 gear loops - your daughter may not need the 7 that the Puma offers - and is comparatively lighter than the equivalent size Puma. However the Puma comes in smaller sizes than the Luna, which might suit your daughter's shape better (I'm 5'3" / size 8 and have an XS Puma). Like Jon says, it would be best to try both on in a shop if possible. I've reviewed the Puma here:

Size comparison:

Puma XXS: waist 50-68cm, leg 40-52cm, weight 390g.
Puma XS: waist 59-80cm, leg 50-60cm, weight 430g.
Puma S: waist 67-91cm, 55-65cm, weight 480g.
Luna S: waist 60-71cm, weight 410cm.

Cheers, Sarah
neil the weak - on 10 Dec 2012
In reply to ellenclimbs: I'll stick my neck out and recommend a Puma. Both are nice harnesses and while you can't know which (if either) will fit without trying them first but I think your odds of getting it right are a little better with the DMM.

Most differntly it has a "floating" waist belt, meaning you can move the padding around so that it's always symmetrical no matter where the harness is in the adjustment range. This gives you a better chance of getting a good fit blind (wider range of usable adjustment) and means it will remain a decent fit at the waist for longer if she grows much.

The caveats would be is that it's quite a long rise harness, so might end up a bit high on the body of a small person and the legs might not go tight enough if she has really skinny legs. Best to try if you could still really.

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