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Plantar faciitas insoles or not

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 andyd1970 10 Jan 2021

Should I wear arch supports insoles? Had it over 2 years now and if I my super feet it hurts under my arches/heel and my plantar hurts after a while. If I wear the shoes/ trainers with the supplies insoles with a slight arch, my feet hurt on the underneath of my feet on the outside. 

 Babika 10 Jan 2021
In reply to andyd1970:

I had it and swapped my Superfeet to Enertor insoles. I also did the ball rolling exercise in the evening while watching TV. 

It hasn't gone away completely but its a lot better.

 wbo2 10 Jan 2021
In reply to andyd1970: If it's under the arches we can be a bit pedantic and say it's not plantar fasciitis per se. with bone spurs et al.  What shoes? And why those?

 andyd1970 10 Jan 2021
In reply to Babika:

I thought I’d got rid of it as my feet aren’t as bad as they where at the start but insoles hurt one day and not the next. Tried enertor recently and seem to make things worse

 two_tapirs 10 Jan 2021
In reply to andyd1970:

I had PF and saw a podiatrist who after an assessment of my climbers feet, didn't run away, and made some insoles specific to where I needed the support and correction. Problem solved relatively quickly and never returned.  Had PF on the other foot, an adjustment was made to the insoles and that's really sorted the problem out for the foot too

If you're in a position to see a podiatrist and have a solution for your specific feet, I recommend it.

 andyd1970 10 Jan 2021
In reply to wbo2:

A bit of history

Over 2 years ago I got pain in the side of my left foot nowhere near the bottom. It eventually eased and after speaking to ASICS, when I was buying new running trainers,told me I needed supportive running shoes. I went on my 3rd run and bang I got this pain under my outer foot/heel. After seeing the doctors they put my onto an NHS podiatrist, who told me I had plantar fasciitis and I needed insoles. They then made me custom made insoles, which they made in a US 11 and not a UK 11 which is my size. They ended up being too short. Coz they where too short they moved up and down my shoes, so I bought some super feet. I eventually ended up with a problem in my right foot and the original left foot was ok. Physio told me I need to strengthen my legs and I had to stop as it made it inflamed in both feet. Both my calves are sore down the outside again as I’d got rid of this by physio. 

 Gav Parker 10 Jan 2021
In reply to andyd1970:

I think I tried everything, and mine went after about 18 months. The last things I tried were heel lifts about 2-3mm just under the heel. I think its important you stretch it in a morning before you get out of bed and stand on it....

Good luck

 kaiser 10 Jan 2021
In reply to andyd1970:

I've had PF and the way out of it for me was:

1. Custom insoles to correct a mild gait problem (get referred via the NHS)

2. Strengthening and stretching exercises - be rigorous, this is a daily regime for the long term.

Plagued me for 18 months, I'm now pain free

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 capoap 10 Jan 2021
In reply to andyd1970:

Mine started miles from anywhere in the Pyrenees, Limped back to the car (just R  heel) Found some very thick sports type insoles and cut a hole in the heel of the right one. Worked a treat in fact still got them in the garage just in case but they are 15years old now

 andyd1970 10 Jan 2021
In reply to kaiser:

I have stretched everyday for 2 years none stop but it virtually went but I then tried to strengthen my legs up but it just seems to set it off

 andyd1970 10 Jan 2021
In reply to capoap:

Nightmare I was lucky enough to be 5 mins from home. 

 wbo2 10 Jan 2021
In reply to capoap:  That's one of the old cures for the very classical plantar fasciitis where you get damage under the heel, and then a bursa or bone spur develops.  So do you think you'lve got that Andy, or a more general tiring and strain?

Things I'd consider - shoes with more drop, or at least avoiding zero drop shoes.

Shoes that are stiffer front to back

and probably a bit more cushioning wouldn't hurt

 andyd1970 10 Jan 2021
In reply to wbo2:

I’ve not had any heal pain since that first instance. My pain is in general on the side, which I personally believe it’s attached to my little toes. My work shoes( steel toe cap) and mountain boots have high drop but they hurt the most. My crocs and Saucony 4mm drop seem to be the comfiest but I don’t know if it’s doing good or bad to my feet

 climberchristy 11 Jan 2021
In reply to andyd1970:

I was plagued by it for 18 months or so. The Strassburg Sock cured me. Google it and the science behind it. I'd recommend it. Good luck with it. 

 kaiser 11 Jan 2021
In reply to andyd1970:

This is good strenthening exercise - really helped me.


Thinking back, I also used to Strassbourg Sock thing for an hour or so most evenings.

And remember to always stretch out the PF first thing in the morning while you're still in bed before you get up and put weight on it (and so potentially damage it again)

 StuPoo2 11 Jan 2021
In reply to andyd1970:

My Plantar Fasciitis was a result of injury/overuse, lack of time to heal and then going chronic i.e. just there all the time.  I went to the Physio after it eventually stopped me running.

Physio told me that my problem was that after inflaming it simply walking on it every day was sufficient to keep it in a chronically inflamed state.  I couldn't take time off my feet to allow it to heal - kids/work etc.  Advised me to strap it instead.  Strapping works by taking the strain/load off the inflamed band as you walk around, that in turn slowly reduces the inflammation, then some healing can get done.

Once strapped properly ... I got zero pain almost immediately while walking.

Strapped it up with something that looked at lot like this.


Strapped it up using this stuff:


The really wide stuff is good for covering ball of the foot and saves time.

(Exactly the same stuff they sell you in the climbing gym for your fingers, but in white and fraction of the cost of the stuff branded for climbing.  hint hint.  )

Strapped it fully every day for a month except when sleeping before gradually reducing it.  Took me ~3 months before I could run again.  I went with theory that if I couldn't run without strapping it ... then probably back running again too soon and I had to wait longer/keep strapping.

Never went with insoles presumably because my PF was a result of injury/overuse - not because of the shape of my feet or the shape of the shoes I was running in.

Come back and tell us what fixed it for you.

 jkarran 11 Jan 2021
In reply to andyd1970:

> Should I wear arch supports insoles? Had it over 2 years now and if I my super feet it hurts under my arches/heel and my plantar hurts after a while. If I wear the shoes/ trainers with the supplies insoles with a slight arch, my feet hurt on the underneath of my feet on the outside. 

I'm not sure arch support helps me keep it at bay but comfortable deep soft soles do and they tend to provide quite a bit of support. Heel cushioning is what I go for, any arch support is a side effect. Also keeping my feet warm, when they get cold my calves tighten up which exacerbates/triggers it.

Caveat: that's all related to fairly minor ongoing issues, I haven't had a nasty bout in years since I stopped climbing.

When it was bad the things that helped were warm feet, stretching regularly through the day and before standing, comfy shoes with plush soles and laying off the bouldering. Oh and painkillers.


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 AllanMac 11 Jan 2021
In reply to andyd1970:

I had Plantar Fasciitis for a number of years and had expensive custom insoles made. They helped a bit, but what really did work for me was to loosen the laces on the uppers of my boots (but keeping the cuffs reasonably tight). I had been tightening my laces too much, effectively flattening my arches and putting a continuous strain on the fascia. I just use ordinary green Superfeet now and haven't had any trouble since, even on long walks.

 andyd1970 11 Jan 2021
In reply to andyd1970:

Thanks all. So much great info and great ideas. Will look into the sock and see what happens 

 Spearos 11 Jan 2021
In reply to andyd1970:

Hi andyd1970, I am a Postie so walk about 10 miles a day i had pf and remember being in so much pain  eventually a combination of Pro 11 wellbeing insoles and kinesiology taping (Google kinesiology taping for plantar fasciitis) sorted mine. I still wear the insoles in my work shoes and now it is much better. The insoles didn't help when worn in trainers that already had a high arch. Hope you get some relief 

In reply to andyd1970:

I had a very persistent case of it for 3 or 4 years, had loads of physio, special insoles, even saw a foot surgeon to look at options. Spent a fortune trying to rid myself of the pain. As a last resort I bought a little foot roller and kept it under my desk, must have done tens of thousands of reps. And I spent about 3 months sleeping with a Plantar Fasciitis Dorsal Night Splint Support (cost about £20). Best money I ever spent, cured! 

Good luck with it, hopefully one of the suggestions on here will work for you.

 DaveX 12 Jan 2021
In reply to two_tapirs:

Exactly the same scenario here. Never fully got rid of it but after trying physio and rehab for ages before podiatrist, it's the best it's been since the injury which triggered the PF. Highly recommend this solution. 

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