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kdhuebler - on 12 May 2018

Good evening,

I am hoping that you might be able to help me with this problem. A number of years ago the special needs school I work for was given a bouldering wall / cube. However the school that gave it to us didn't know how it went together, and I'm stumped at how it goes together.

It's made up of 12 sections of Unistrut metal (4 with no holes on the front face, 4 with 3 holes on the front face and 4 with lots of holes on the front face), plus 9 plywood panels.

Any help solve how it goes together would be gratefully appreciated. 


gilesf - on 12 May 2018
In reply to kdhuebler:

Some pictures and dimensions would help here I think.

Where is it all, would it be possible for somebody to come and take a look, it's often easier to work these things out having seen them.

jayjackson - on 13 May 2018
In reply to kdhuebler:

Contact the manufacturer - if you can’t find who made it, get in touch with Enter-Prises, King Kong, Walltopia etc and try to work out who installed it originally. 

If you’re using it in a school, it will need to be made, installed and inspected in line with regulations and standards covering bouldering walls in the same way that any commercial facility is. 

With the best will in the world, if something goes wrong with it in the future and it comes out that it was moved from its original location and reinstalled based on information from a forum (not withstanding the wealth of expertise here) it would be difficult to suggest in court that the school wasn’t negligent in it’s duty of care towards the wall users. 

Well worth putting the time and effort in to get it installed though - a fantastic resource for a school. Try the big wall manufactures first. If you have no luck with them try a company like Climbing Wall Services and see if they can help. 

kdhuebler - on 13 May 2018
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Paz - on 13 May 2018
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Doesn't unistrut need brackets to fix two lengths of it at right angles?

But naively applying some geometry, is the finished bouldering wall formed by two cubes, one on top of the other, with no plywood on the bottom?  so you've got 4 sides with two plywood panels each, plus the top which uses up all 9, and you've got 4 legs of 2 unistruts each, held into the structure by a square of 4 unistruts, probably on the floor, but maybe on the top or in the middle?  Doesnt' it have any diagonals, or is that function supplied by the plywood ?

What shape are the plywood panels and how long are the unistruts compared to the panels?

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