/ Please recommend a thermos for winter

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MaryGandy - on 23 Feb 2018

Any recommendations for a thermos for winter please. I've had Stainless Steel Ultimate Thermos several years.

GrahamD - on 23 Feb 2018
In reply to MaryGandy:

I’ve never had a problem with a £5 stainless flask from Asda

tjin - on 23 Feb 2018

I have a fancy SIGG steelworks one, but also an IKEA one. Both work fine. The IKEA one is bulkier for the same internal volume.

The main thing i see with thermos are:

- Bigger internal volume is better (less surface area vs mass)

- A solid screw cap (with pouring channels) are more efficient in keeping warm and far easier to clean than those clicky caps..

- Preheating helps with keeping it hot for longer, but generally i have a problem with drinks stay too hot. So i don't.

Jimmountainviews - on 23 Feb 2018
In reply to MaryGandy:

I know you mention Thermos Specifically But I would Highly Recommend A Stanley Flask.  Utterly Bombproof and keeps things nice & warm.  Worth the investment 

kermit_uk - on 23 Feb 2018
In reply to MaryGandy:

Lifeventure flasks.


I have a 15 year old 1L and a newish 0.5L I like them because they are slimline so pack very easily and are totally bombproof and keep stuff warm a long time. 


Have had cheapo version that look the same, when i got to France before remembering I didn't have a flask. They just don't stay hot as long in my experience and I NEVER leave the house without a flask.






wercat on 23 Feb 2018
In reply to MaryGandy:

I was given a Lifeventure 700 (ml) which never fails to please me with keeping stuff hot.  In fact I find I have to add some cold water to the drink before closing it up if it is not to be too hot when I'm drinking right into the mid/late afternoon.  I have stopped preheating it unless I know I won't be using it for many many hours.

I take a .45l food pot out in winter full of hot chocolate in winter(Pioneer brand), also very good for soup or coffee.

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cousin nick on 23 Feb 2018
In reply to MaryGandy:

Hydroflask 1L. Expensive and you need a separate cup, but works really well and the most robust I've ever had. We also have their 350ml versions with the 'sippy lid' - great for short trips and will also fit in a bike bottle rack if that's of interest.


nathan79 - on 23 Feb 2018
In reply to MaryGandy:

Thermos Ultimate and anything Stanley are best by far in my experience. Costly but perform well enough and last long enough to justify it.

My regular workhorse is a Thermos thermocafe that cost me 3 or 4 quid and works a treat.

gali - on 23 Feb 2018
In reply to nathan79:

+1 for hydroflask

Doug on 23 Feb 2018
In reply to MaryGandy:

Have you seen https://www.ukclimbing.com/forums/gear/which_flask-678237 ?

Might give you some ideas

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Emilysaladfingers - on 23 Feb 2018
In reply to MaryGandy:

I got the large insulated Kleen Kanteen as a gift last year, it keeps my tea super hot for at least ten hours, it is just under 1l. I am tea obsessed and use it almost every day. Doesn't have a mug type top but you can also use for water/cold. Keeps ice as ice for a whole day too. Good for my green/herbal tea but I've never tried it with milky tea!

jonnie3430 - on 23 Feb 2018
In reply to MaryGandy:

The 1.2 litre stainless steel Thermos flask does keep stuff warm for 24 hours, I'd recommend that.

Dave the Rave on 23 Feb 2018
In reply to Jimmountainviews:

Mine have been utterly cack although they look very nice. Dropped a 2 litre version on a soft sandy beach and the insulation cracked. My food flask is also broken, thanks for the reminder, as I will return it for replacement. Not a mark on it.

My best flask is a Tatonka 0.7. Has it 20 years, battered and still good.

Welsh Kate - on 23 Feb 2018
In reply to MaryGandy:

If you want the best, go Zojirushi, if you can find one! Mine was brilliant, but sadly the stopper wasn't mice-proof and the little b*gg*rs gnawed it to death. So I replaced it with an Ultimate Thermos - almost as good!

olddirtydoggy - on 24 Feb 2018
In reply to MaryGandy:

Just thrown a Lifeventure flask in the bin, total rubbish. Got the Thermos Ultimate as a replacement and we have to leave the top off to cool it down after a long winter day. Best thing is it's lighter as well!

AndyDore - on 26 Feb 2018

Hi, MaryGandy, what did you end up buying? I try to find a good thermos now and read a lot of topics on different forums. One of the forums says Stanley loses its thermal abilities over time, so I lean towards Thermos King from a review https://keepithot.co/best-soup-thermos. I only need my coffee to be hot, my mug not to leak and not to alter the original taste of the drinks.

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