/ Podsacs Black Ice as Hand Luggage?

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kmillar99 on 30 Oct 2012 -
Hi, I've been looking at getting a size 1 podsacs black ice but I can't seem to find the dimensions of it anywhere online and most of the shops near me don't have them in stock at the moment. I wonder if anyone could let me know if one of these would be suitable to take on a plane as hand luggage? The size restrictions are 56 x 45 x 25 cm.

Needle Sports - on 31 Oct 2012
In reply to kmillar99:

I'll have a look at work tomorrow but for your interest I have got my Black Ice size 3 (which is only an inch or so too long) on as hand luggage on numerous occasions with no trouble. The secret is to remove the backstay and put it in your hold luggage. Then remove the hip belt and put it in the sack. Finally, put the lid inside the body of the sack and use the top tension strap, snow valance draw cord and side tension straps to make it look as small as possible. Oh, and also, put the lid straps through the ice axe elastics to stop them dangling. If you follow all this correctly you are left with what looks like a 30L rucksack!
droites - on 31 Oct 2012
In reply to Needle Sports: I concur. I have a size 2 and used the same technique a few times
James Malloch - on 31 Oct 2012
In reply to kmillar99: If it's for Jet2 (same dimensions) then they seem quite relaxed about it. I've just been away and my bag was too large but they have a metal comatiner of the required dimensions and as long as it squeezes in then it's fine.

Saying this, I didn't actually get my bag checked at all so unless it looks big then I don't think it'll be a problem.
Needle Sports - on 01 Nov 2012
In reply to kmillar99: Just measured the length of a Black Ice Size 1 with the stay in and it's 51cm if you pop the lid down inside the sack so easy peasy given that the other parts of the sack will squidge to fit through 45 x 25cm no trouble.
kmillar99 on 02 Nov 2012 -
thanks a lot for the help and advice. I went ahead and bought a size one - very pleased with it.


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