/ Primus Ominifuel Pipe Broken/Required or new stove :o(

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martinph78 on 18 Dec 2011
Just sorting my kit out for my Xmas trip and the fuel pipe on my Primus Omnifuel has broken. Not sure how or why but the crimp split. I have tried fixing it but it has now snapped, so I require a new one.

The stove is about 7 years old and has had quite a lot of use, it's certainly been around the world with me. I think that the crimp was aluminium so has perished over time?

Anyway, anyone else had this problem, and more importantly, any traders here reading this who can post one out to my 1st class tomorrow?

That or I have to buy a new stove, which I don't fancy doing as I always expected that teh Omnifuel would last me a lifetime

At least I found out in my kitchen rather than on Ben Macdui, although I am now a little concerned as to why this happened and if it would happen again.
ClayClay - on 18 Dec 2011
In reply to Martin1978:

scroll down to

Parts for Himalaya Omnifuel 3289-84 & -04

you probably need 'Hose for new Ergopump' 30 quid
martinph78 on 18 Dec 2011
In reply to ClayClay: Thanks, will phone them tomorrow. Not liking the look of their "7 day turnaround" for orders though Hopefully a telephone conversation will be more helpful than the website! Will do some more searching for the part with that number as well.

Mine is the aluminium pump, not the plastic one, so not sure if that makes a difference. I doubt it does as they are the same thread at the pump end I think (for gas cylinders).

Thanks, Martin
martinph78 on 19 Dec 2011

Basecamp were very helpful on the phone and sent one out special delivery today, so hopefully it will be here tomorrow!

Thanks for the help, and also thanks to the people who emailed me with offers of help, I've emailed you back but would like to say here that it is greatly appreciated.

Now keeping my fingers crossed for the post tomorrow!

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.