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Becky E - on 06 Mar 2014
Can anyone who arelady uses a Vapour Rise top help with this conundrum?

My usual warm-and-windproof system is a Rab Baltoro jacket, which has room for one or two Patagonia R1 pullovers underneath, plus baselayer. But with all those layers, it get a bit bulky and sweaty under the arms whilst still wanting the layers elsewhere.

So I thought a Vapour Rise jacket would be a good option to replace the Baltoro plus one pullover.

But the Vapour Rise jacket seems to be cut smaller than the Baltoro of the same size, leaving very little room for a pullover underneath should I need it (which is very likely for me). Particularly around the bum.

Going up a size in the Vapour Rise seems to be too big - like wearing my big sister's hand-me-downs before I've grown into them.

Does anyone else have this problem with the sizing? Can anyone with experience suggest whether it's better to be snug or roomy in a Vapour Rise?

And if I decide that due to the sizing, it's not the jacket for me... what can anyone suggest that might do a similar job?
Kirsticles - on 06 Mar 2014
In reply to Becky E:
I have 2 Vapour Rise tops - 1 original and 1 Alpine Lite.

The original is quite baggy which i'm not normally a fan of but super comfy to wear so I don't mind, and by the sounds of it, ideal for what you want it for.

The Alpine Lite has a more fitted cut, and definitely for only wearing with a baselayer under it which is ideal for autumn/spring activities.

One thing that that maybe you should bear in mind is that the inside is a soft lining which does tend to stick to anything, I find that I can't wear say a fleece under either jacket as it feels too tight as the materials stick to each other and makes it feel too restrictive for doing anything active, for this reason I don't wear the original as much as I would like.
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Becky E - on 06 Mar 2014
In reply to Kirsticles:

Yes, whilst I've been trying on I've noticed the tendency for it to stick to the clothes underneath. I did wonder if that's part of the reason why it seems smaller than the same size Baltoro - although that also has a slightly "sticky" lining.

I'm generally the last person to take off their warm layers, and the first person to put more on - which is why I didn't get the Alpine Lite (plus it seems too similar to the Baltoro).

Maybe I should just go up a size and accept that it won't be the most attractive garment... My only qualm is whether it could be a bit too baggy and get in the way when climbing.
Kirsticles - on 06 Mar 2014
In reply to Becky E:

I have a Baltoro also, it's not so bad for the liner sticking, I think because it's glued onto the back of the outer, whereas with the Vapour Rise it hangs loose.

Instead of going up a size in the Vapour Rise try and play with the layers you wear underneath? Try 2 baselayers of different thicknesses, they'll have a reduced friction compared to your R1 (which I would have thought would have been pretty smooth).

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