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davidbeynon on 18 May 2017
My ancient (original) Rab VR softshell is starting to wear out so I'm looking for a replacement.

The VR Alpine seemed to be a good option so I bought one, but the face fabric is way too fragile, and has holes in it after less than a month of light use.

So I'm looking for something with insulation somewhere between the original VR or the Alpine but with a fabric that won't instantly abrade when someone looks at it in a funny way.

Any suggestions?
KeithAlexander - on 18 May 2017
In reply to davidbeynon:

I've had the alpine one a year or two and no signs of wear, and really like it - maybe I got a lucky batch or you got an unlucky one :/

I think Mountain Equipment and Marmot do similar jackets, but probably lighter rather than tougher.
davidbeynon on 18 May 2017
In reply to KeithAlexander:

I still like the alpine as a jacket, but I'm relegating it to walking & winter running rather than scrambling & climbing duties.

The trend for all manufacturers to cut off every gram they can without regard for how flimsy they are making things is a bit annoying.
Angrypenguin - on 18 May 2017
In reply to davidbeynon:
Ebay? A lot of the "2nd hand" stuff is barely used. You can usually tell by the photos. There is a medium VR softshell on there at the moment.

Have bought a couple off UKC in the past but they don't come up that often. As my 4 pairs of identical shoes testify. I just try to keep buying the same once I find something I like!

Edit: Spoilt for choice if you are medium -
Looking at the history on ebay, about 1 a week seems to come up on average.
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Guy Hurst - on 18 May 2017
In reply to davidbeynon:

Buffalo do (or certainly did) a few things along VR lines. I have Fell Jacket of this type with very robust face fabric that's lasted for years with no signs of wear.
Wayne S - on 19 May 2017
In reply to davidbeynon:

I live with the fluffy/holey look with VR clothing, I think they are great bit of clothing. Fluff and holes just add to the climbing chic, and you have now worries about wearing out at other times. Just stuff in your sack as a go to layer.

I bought a heavier version in the vapour rise line called a VR stretch Top, it's quite warm compared to the lite versions and has stretch soft shell type of material on the inside of the forearms and sides. I bought it at the same time I got my last VR alpine, but not sure if they still make them now. Maybe worth a look.


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