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 elliot.baker 01 Sep 2021

I've had a pair of Oakley Frogskins for about .... 8-9 years?? the lens quality was a game changer when I first got them. Run in them, climb, drive, shop, walk - I lived in them! After about 3-4 years the lenses were quite scratched and the coating degraded so they were blurry, I got some cheap lenses off amazon which lasted about a year but were nothing as good as the original oakley lenses. Then just got another set of amazon lenses (for about a tenner) again these have lasted literally 6 months before being blurry with scratches (and I take care of them meticulously).

I treated myself to a new pair of Frogskins but they've changed the lenses to let more light through - apparently for better contrast! but made them unusable as sunglasses because I was squinting constantly so I sent them back....

can anyone recommend me some similar sunglassess?!?! The Frogskins are so comfortable I love them but was really disappointed with the new Oakley lenses.

 wbo2 01 Sep 2021
In reply to elliot.baker:

 Frogskins with a different lens? There's a few - or are you already on the darkest.

Every other pair of sunglasses, inc. Oakleys I've destroyed but these soldier on...

 kevin stephens 01 Sep 2021
In reply to elliot.baker: you can get some different lenses for the Frogskins from RX Sport

 Marmolata 02 Sep 2021
In reply to elliot.baker:

I have now Gloryfy sunglasses for me and my family. They all like them, when they are usually quite specific about fit. but can't tell you about longevity yet.

They are supposedly unbreakable but I haven't tried it in reality.

In reply to elliot.baker:

I've recently purchased a pair from amazon called carfia. They were cheap as chips (£14.99) but have polarised lenses, they're very comfy, very secure on the head and I've work them climbing and I had absolutely no feeling they were going to come off.

Theyre almost the exact same style as the oakleys frogskins, which I've had a pair of too. I found the lense colour took a minute to get used too, but I think that is just because I've only had brown lenses in recent glasses, whereas these ones are blue (they have many other colours too though). The quality of the actual lense itself seems good so far, fairly scratch resistant, and doesn't distort your view or anything. they also clean up really well. 

 nniff 02 Sep 2021
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The sunglasses market is dominated by Luxottica.  Their brands include most of the fashion brands (Armani, D&G, Burberry, Prada, Chanel and dozens more).   Their brands with a lesser link to fashion include Oakley, Persol and Ray-ban. They own a number of retailers too, including Sunglasses Hut and David Clulow.

It doesn't mean that their glasses are any the worse for it - but just so that you know.

If you want really first rate sunglasses - Maui Jim.

Personally, I have issues with gloves, bicycles and sunglasses - far too many of them.  I am always pleased with myself when I get past duty free without another pair of sunnies.  It was a near-run thing a month ago with a fine pair of Maui Jims.  

In reply to elliot.baker:

I have a pair of Julbo Bivouak sunglasses with Cameleon lenses, bought originally for my first trip to the Alps. They've so far been indestructible, and I use them everywhere. Lyon (the UK distributor) also sent me some free spares when I lost the detachable side shields — couldn't really ask for better customer service.

If I ever need another pair of sunglasses, they'll be Julbo without question.

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