Replacement foam for bouldering pad

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 DaveHK 31 Jul 2021

Having recently converted a van I've discovered a load of companies selling pre-cut foam at reasonable prices.

With that in mind I'm going to call round and see if it's possible to replace the foam in my old mat at a reasonable cost.

To make these conversations easier does anyone know what types/grades of foam I should ask for? The mat has a firmer layer of foam about 20mm thick and a softer, thicker layer of c70mm.


 mattc 31 Jul 2021
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keep us posted on how you get on. I could do with doing this too!

 Tintin 31 Jul 2021
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The Foam Factory has quite a bit of information on bouldering pad foam.

Not sure how well the grades translate to UK foam though, but it gives you an idea.

 DaveHK 03 Aug 2021
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Cheers for that.

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Hi Dave

Alpkit also kindly detail what they put in their pads under the Features > Vital Stats section of each pads page. 


My friend has used this info to make his own copy of a pad, which worked very well. 

 steveriley 03 Aug 2021
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Can’t help with your question but just to say I recently restuffed an old mat with foam the wall was getting rid of. Really brought the mat back to life. I had an awkwardly shaped deep piece of medium density foam, cut to size with an old panel saw (not neatest job ever but effective enough) and reused the thin higher density foam layer. Good result.

 DaveHK 03 Aug 2021
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That's very useful. I shall call round on Thursday and report back.

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I've done this, back to new if you ignore the various stains. I got lucky, we had some at work as part of a delivery and it seemed identical to the stuff in my mat. Breadknife is the perfect tool for cutting it to size and putting any curves on.

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