Replacement for old style Vapour rise.

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 mike reed 04 Apr 2021

Looking to the collective for inspiration please.

My favourite piece of kit by a long shot, is my old Rab Vapour rise smock/jacket with full length zip retro fitted a few years ago, and since then its been my ‘go to’ jacket for those chilly windy climbing days. 

Its showing signs of age now (same as its owner) and I’m looking for recommendations for its best natural replacement please. 

My current one is a small, or maybe an extra small - great hood, full length zip - chest pockets (sit above rucksack belt and harness) - windproof with microfleece lining. A brilliant jacket. 

RAB still make them but its changed a bit over the years. Looks ok though. Any others I should consider?


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i have a current rab vapor rise alpine and love it! use it for everything running, cycling, climbing. only annoying thing i find is the the inner fabric on the sleeves gets pulled through when you put it on. but besides that id say its perfect

 1philjones1 04 Apr 2021
In reply to mike reed:

Mountain Equipment Kinesis? Similar to the Rab VR but, I think, a bit lighter and slightly less windproof although I guess that makes it a bit mor3 breathable as well. Good review on UKC gear.

 Max factor 04 Apr 2021
In reply to deruiter14:

> only annoying thing 

What about the velcro like properties of the micropile if you wear it over anything like a fleece or a jumper?

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I used to find this really annoying but I've simply adapted to it now and it's fine.

Shame really as otherwise it's a brilliant jacket. I live in it 9 months of the year!

A t shirt (or simply nothing) underneath cures the slightly annoying putting on procedure.

In reply to Max factor:

I'm pretty sure you are both talking about the same problem

 ste_d 04 Apr 2021
In reply to mike reed:

Alpkit Morpheus, marmot driclime also possibly consider stuff made from polartec alpha direct bit warmer and more expensive

Also to note that Rab vr no longer uses the old tricot style lining and now comes in 3 styles a hood less running jacket, vr light which has a thinner lining, vr summit warmer lining longer cut

Really these kind of jackets are best worn over a thin base at most, arguably even performing better worn next to skin

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