/ Revised Deuter Guide 35+ - Differences?

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I am looking at the Deuter Guide 35+ for a climbing rucksack. I appreciate there are many opinions, options etc in the market so am fairly happy with this choice.

My question refers to the revised 2013 pack. UKC has a gear review commenting on the tweaks to the 2013 range, but I wonder if anyone has experience of old vs new Guide 35+ to comment on whether it is worth getting the new item.

I originally saw them at PyB, I have a preferred colour in the old range, and I can get it for about £20 less than the new one. Is it functionally better to go for the generic colour and extra price of the new pack?

I was going to post pics of the 2 items but they would be commercial links, I am guessing anyone who has tried both will know what they look like anyway.


hfisher on 19 Aug 2013
There is a slight change to the ice axe holders but that about it really (slightly different shape/size to the rubberised strap for the pick) but to be honest i really dont think it makes a blind bit of difference!

also there is no compression strap on the bottom ski loop on the side of the bag (new version).

Quite frankly thats about it.

H - on 20 Aug 2013
In reply to hfisher:

Cool thanks.

There was talk about the new pack being more figure hugging and stable. I wouldn't have thought the old pack was so well reviewed if it was "unstable" though.


This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.