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salewa mtn trainer mid montage, 4 kbDan Bailey struggles to find fault with a light-yet-sturdy boot that's ideal for summer scrambling and tough hillwalks

Toerag - on 10 Jul 2013
In reply to UKC Gear: Can we see a picture of the tread?
In reply to Toerag: Good idea. Sorry, not got time now - off away - but I'll get that sorted in a few days. Thanks for the suggestion
CH - on 10 Jul 2013
In reply to UKC Gear:

Nice review.

What I've found with my pair;

1. On my first two trips out, in wet weather, I have had wet feet - they are not waterproof
2. The insoles bunch up at the toes and are hugely annoying
3. They're the first shoes I've ever had blisters with
4. They stink after 3 trips out

Other than that I like them a lot (oh, and I find the grip from the soles to be fantastic).

#1 - I'll test by filling them up with water and if they leak send them back
#2 - I'll try them with new insoles
#3 - I'm sure they'll break in
#4 - There is always Fabreze
CH - on 14 Jul 2013
Update from me is they were leaking and Bruce, Tiso's shop manager in Edinburgh replaced them with a brand new pair due (I understand) to Goretex's guarantee. Excellent service.
crustypunkuk - on 14 Jul 2013
In reply to CH:
Mine have always been waterproof. I have the Rapace, which is the mtn trainer mid with a slightly different sole unit, and it has been the comfiest boot out of the box that i have ever owned- check with Salewa if you've got blisters as they do advertise a 100% blister free guarantee, although i don't know the details on it. It's also fair to say that mine are pretty smelly too after 6 months use.
In short, they're the best summer boots i've ever owned.
Wild Country - on 15 Jul 2013
In reply to UKC Gear: Just to back up crustypunk Salewa are so confident with their shoes that they do give a 100% Blister Free guarantee. So I think anyone has to be happy with that level of confidence in their boots.
And to reply to CH, our sales network,of which Tiso are an important part, are superb stores with experienced staff and as you've found will be very happy to replace any faulty boots.
CH - on 27 Jul 2013
In reply to Richie Patterson, Wild Country:

Richie (and crustypunk), cheers. I wasn't aware of blister guarantee.

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