Salewa Rapace boots and crampons, anyone using?

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 JayPee630 04 Jun 2021

Replacing my boots and I rarely use them for winter stuff now, so looking for a lighter boot for much of the rest of the year that can sometimes take a Grivel Airtech for the occasional mountaineering and easy climbing day, maybe up to Grade 2 max.

Looked at the Salewa Rapace which look great, they get a B1.5 rating from a few people. Anyone used them with crampons? How were they?

 ShortLock 04 Jun 2021
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I've got a pair of Salewa Rapace and think they're superb. Incredibly light, still nice and warm and pretty stiff too, but not so much that they're uncomfortable to walk in. B1.5 seems about right.

 1philjones1 04 Jun 2021
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Had them now 18 months and used them with grivel g12’s and a flex bar with no issues. Only done uk g2/3 winter in them and I’d say that is probably my limit in them. I will (?) hopefully be taking them to the Alps this September and planning on using them for the likes of the Breithorn traverse/Hornli ridge and am confident they will be fine on routes like this. 
Very comfy boots on my feet but replaced the flimsy insoles. They are fairly flexible but fine with a flex bar on crampons for snow gullies and short ice pitches. They climb very well on rock.

They do need a bit of looking after to keep waterproof as they are leather uppers but it’s only a case of spraying them once a month or so. 

If they fit you, I’d  highly recommend them.

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 JayPee630 05 Jun 2021
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Brilliant, thanks both for the feedback, they sound exactly what I'm after, I'll give them a go.

 Welsh Kate 05 Jun 2021
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I have a pair as my 'lightweight' MR boots and they're a great balance between stiffness and walking comfort - I agree with the B1.5 rating. I've used them with G12s but can't remember if that was with the asymmetric bar I have on mine now. They were fine anyway. I did replace the footbed, and felt they came up a little tight on size compared with earlier Salewa lasts, but you're gonna have to try them on anyway.

 Kryank 05 Jun 2021
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I have a pair of these that I use for winter hillwalking and scrambling I love them, fit really well and extreamly comfortable. 

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