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Gabe Oliver - on 02 Jul 2013
Hey everyone,

I was wondering, has anyone had any problems with the rubber and fabric ripping on Scarpa shoes, specifically the Boostics?

I noticed it on mine yesterday. It's ripped clean down from the rim of around the heel (possibly due to trying to get them on) but it has ripped the fabric not the seam of the fabric.

Only had the shoes about 6 weeks and they've only really just broken in as I have only been using them lightly indoors

Anyone else had a similar fault?
jameswoodman1 - on 03 Jul 2013
In reply to Gabe Oliver: I've not had a problem with mine. However I did meet a guy out in Font back in May who's name escapes me, but he worked at TCA Glasgow so I'm sure he's on here somewhere.

He had a very similar problem with the heel falling apart on his Boostics and if I remember rightly he had sent them off to Scarpa who returned them saying there was nothing wrong with the shoe, he had simply bought them too small!!
racodemisa - on 04 Jul 2013
In reply to Gabe Oliver: I was in the big climbing shop in Briancon recently trying to track a pair down to try,a member of staff there pointed out that they had had quite a few pairs brought back with a similar problem.They had sent them all back to Scarpa.
I have not followed this up at all other than noticing your thread.
Brian Pollock - on 04 Jul 2013
In reply to Gabe Oliver:

My Boostics are roughly one year old (and fairly abused) and the rubber at the heel has come away from the fabric, also the fabric around the ankle has ripped but doesn't really affect performance.

Mostly just wear and tear but I think the gap in the rubber at the heel is a bit of a design flaw. It gets caught on any sharpish heel hook and rips or pulled the shoe off when you weight it.

Probably won't buy these again though I loved them initially. Good toe box.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.