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bouldery bits - on 05 Dec 2017

Hi folks,

Anyone got experience of wearing a pair of these? How've you found them?

How've you found the fit? Wide, slim, Normal?

Thanks in advance!

jamie_bkc - on 06 Dec 2017
In reply to bouldery bits:

I've had a pair for 6 months and mostly wear Booster S, previously instincts, vapors and occasionally anasazi's.

Fit is like other Scarpas in that it's on the higher volume side so suits my wider feet, but fractionally narrower at the forefoot compared to instinct/vapour. I find the heel totally insecure compared to other scarpa shoes and have heard the same comment from another climber.

More supportive out of the box compared to say the ultra soft drago but softens up fairly quickly, I'd say softer than the booster or VSR once bedded in.

It is a thin sole so don't expect longevity if you use them regularly. I found where they excelled over others was biting into little crystals on overhanging Dartmoor granite, but unless I'm climbing at my absolute limit I'll prefer the booster s at most venues, probably won't replace them once they wear out due to the heel thing and how soft they end up.

bouldery bits - on 06 Dec 2017
In reply to jamie_bkc:
Thankyou! Very useful feedback
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racodemisa - on 13 Dec 2017
In reply to bouldery bits:
Have had a pair for 6 months.
They seem to fit the same way as the Instinct line of shoes though slightly narrower heel and toe box.
I would compare them in performance to brand new la sportiva pythons but they maintain the downturn and shape better and give more support on longer pitches
.The heel on my left foot is smaller than my right and at first there seemed to be a dreaded air pocket but with time the heel on the shoe has conformed to my heel shape and is fine.
More of an all rounder than i thought they would be.
Indoors 8/10
steep rock 8/10
vertical techy small holds 7/10
robustness 6/10
fit 6 or 7/10
comfort 8/10
I like them but i like scarpa shoes they seem to fit my feet better than la sportiva or 5.10 for instance
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