Scarpa Phantom 6000's?

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I am thinking of buying some Phantom 6000's for a mountaineering trip next year to Himalayas but it looks like Scarpa are in the middle of changing the model and they seem difficult to get hold of. 

 There are a few of the older model around but none in my size (43) and the only suppliers I can find with the new model are in Europe.   Anyone know when they are likely to start appearing in UK shops?

Altenatively if anyone has a pair of size 43 in good condition they would  like to sell...

In reply to Slarti B:

I highly recommend that if you are considering high altitude mountaineering boots that you get them properly fitted in a shop, sizes can vary considerably. I am a street size 42 and have a pair of Scarpa 6000s size 44 fitted by Outside in Hathersage.

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> I highly recommend that if you are considering high altitude mountaineering boots that you get them properly fitted in a shop

Exactly what I would like to do, but unfortunately they don't seem to be readily available in shops yet.   I am aiming for size 43 as my Phantom guides are that size but ideally I would like to try and buy in a proper shop.  

My last approach shoes came from Outside after an enjoyable fitting session a month ago waiting for the rain to finish.  

 Cameron94 04 Dec 2022
In reply to Slarti B:

One of my colleagues is selling phantom 6000's in a 44 for £100. 

V good condition, I was planning to buy them myself but they were too roomy for me with heel lift. 

Obviously doesn't give you much chance to try on/get in store advice but for that price I'd reckon you could sell them on if you didn't mind the hassle. 

I could put him in touch? 

 crayefish 04 Dec 2022
In reply to Slarti B:

I've got Phantom Ultras and 6000s... I could check what size they are, relative to each other if that's a help, though I recall they were the same. The general fit was the same though, even though my 6000s were the newer type with the curly zip.  Not home at the moment though.

To be honest, size is way less critical with double boots than singles... you can get away with being a euro size too big quite happily:

- You you'll likely be doing less techy climbing with them than your Guides, and thus less fine control needed

- You'll not be doing long walk ins or approaches in them, like you might with the Guides

- Extra volume can be filled with thicker socks as it just gives more warmth

- You can adjust/thermo fit your foam inners

- If you add laces to the foam inners (I highly recommend if the model year inners have the loops), then you can dial the fit even more

With the above in mind, I'd definitely go for Cameron94s offer.  Even if a resole or new inners were needed, it's a good price (so long as the stitching is good, the gaiter has no big tears and the zip is in good working order).

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 Pigeon Reaper 05 Dec 2022
In reply to crayefish:

Just back from a trip to Nepal. Saw two pairs of Phantoms fail due to the gaiter zips splitting. One pair was brand new, the other only lightly used. Duct taping boots closed above 6000M in freezing conditions isn't good and the tape didn't hold due to the temp being too low. I'd check to see if there's a known problem with a batch before commiting to buying them. 

In reply to Slarti B:

slightly off topic, but one piece of advice I would give having been out there in Spring 2022 is to either wear the boots a lot before you go or wear ankle weights as part of your training. I arrived in pretty much the best shape of my life, but had only been wearing running shoes and normal boots for training, which I don't recommend.

I went for the La Sportiva GM S2s and would recommend. I ended up going 2 sizes bigger than usual, so as others have said, definitely check the sizing. I hired with Expedition Kit Hire who were very reasonably priced and offer a good service.

In reply to Cameron94:

Cameron,   My normal shoe size is 41 but I have wide feet so I have already gone up 2 sizes on my Phantom Guides.  I really wouldn't want to go any higher than that.

But thanks for the offer.

In reply to crayefish:

Thanks for the info.  However, for my Phantom guides I am already 2 Euro sizes above normal shoes size ( I have wide feet) and don't want to go more than that.    The Guides and 6000's are mant to be based on the same last so hopefully should be similar.  

 dave_strachan 08 Dec 2022
In reply to Slarti B:

Have a pair of 43 scarpa 6000- would be willing to part with them. Pm if interested

 blackcat 09 Dec 2022
In reply to Slarti B:

Online ellis brigham.

 RoryBryson 09 Dec 2022
In reply to Slarti B:

Outside has stock of both the new and old Phantom 6000s in size 43. Also the Sportiva G2 Evos and Boreal G1-Lites (good for wide feet) are available there in equivalent sizes.

In reply to Slarti B:

If you're upsizing by 2 EU sizes just for width.... they probably don't fit that well in other directions? Sounds like Scarpa are the wrong last/shape for you. Try another brand?  Borel's are wider as are the Lowas (might not find them in stock in the UK easily). Best to go get them fitted at outside or needle sports or one of the Shop's that know what they're doing.

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